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Butterfly tattoos are very popular among women of all ages as they look great on all places of the body. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. A butterfly is a lovely insect which consists of 4 life cycles – egg, larva, pupa and adult. Butterfly Tattoo could be inked on different parts of the body – neck, back, shoulder, foot, etc.
Choose any of these butterfly and flower tattoo designs to flaunt with utmost elan This tattoo is one of the most feminine tattoos to sport. With the fall leaves dropping, the weather getting cooler, there’s coming the best time for people to get tattoos if you consider healing more quickly, especially to get tattooed on some painful spots of the body, such as rib, collar bone and ankle.

Butterfly tattoos are the physical symbol of the human soul and just as the night butterfly is attracted by flame, the human soul is attracted by heavenly truths. Butterfly tattoos designed especially for the wrists are very popular as they are perfect for making a style statement while boosting up the personality of the wearer. In Japanese culture if a butterfly enters your guestroom, the person whom you most love is coming to see you. I really enjoy to watch at those tattoo photos, because I want to make one on arm and I’m looking for inspiration, so… thanks! The metamorphosis of the butterfly is one of the great mysteries of nature, a butterfly tattoo design is often used as a representation of change or simply the beauty and wonder of life and nature. This is the ideal tattoo design for those who do not profess the concept of tattoo as Gothic So get your butterfly and flower tattoo design today and set your foot in the reinvented tattoo trend.

You’ll find many wonderful butterfly designs and lower back butterfly tattoos in our gallery, as well as tribal tattoo butterflies, butterfly flower tattoos and much more. It is not an easy job to shortlist the designs to pick just one which will look the best on you. Most of the tattoos on ankle are of feminine appeal and portrayed in lovely and sexy styles. Following is a collection of some attractive butterfly wrist tattoos that have been selected based on their uniqueness.

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