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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Tattoo designs based on pictures of feathers carry deep symbolic meaning and can be sported by both men and women. Foot tattoos can look very striking: the foot provides a nice flat place for the tattoo to lie.
The most popular foot tattoo designs are usually small in nature, such as flowers (especially cherry blossom and lotus flowers), words (and quotes), stars and butterflies. There are some good reasons not to get a tattoo on your foot though, in fact, there are some tattoo artists who won’t even undertake them. For a start, tattoos on feet and hands tend to be more painful than tattoos on other spots.
The general rule is this: if a tattoo is done on a place where the skin is close to the bone, it will hurt more.
Wear flip flops or other open shoes during the healing process so the shoe doesn't rub against the tattoo.

The best time for getting a tattoo on your foot is in the summer, it might be a bit cold without shoes in the winter. They blur more easily than tattoos on other places, especially large areas with a solid color.
It's not advisable for diabetes patients to get a tattoo below the waist, it can affect blood circulation. Foot tattoos are easy to hide, in case you work in a place where ink is not accepted for example. The foot is a perfect spot to sport a fashionable feather tattoo and make a bold style statement. They have seen a serious rise in popularity the last couple of years, especially among woman. The top of your foot is the best place with the least blurring, avoid other places like the sides or the toes. A new tattoo should not be allowed to rub against clothing while it heals, which usually takes two to three weeks.

If the flip flop touches the tattoo, then it's advisable that you get a pair of Down Unders, a kind of topless flip flop. Make sure to find out the proper meaning of a feather tattoo before you get one as its meaning can range from courage and freedom and flight to good luck and spirituality, depending on the exact variety of the tattoo.
This is possible with any tattoo, on any part of the body, but it’s more common with foot tattoos. Though it’s fairly rare to get an infection from a professional-quality tattoo, it is possible, and having a tattoo on your foot makes it slightly more likely.
The feathers of certain birds, including eagle, owl, peacock and phoenix, are more commonly used in feather foot tattoo designs either for their symbolic value or their beauty.
Basically, depending on the placement of your tattoo, this may mean that you can’t wear shoes or socks for the time your tattoo is healing!

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