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A tattoo can be basically defined as a marking on the skin that can be either artistic or just a sketch depending on onea€™s preferences.
The symbolization you want to put across will determine the type of lion tattoo you will get.
Apart from the above mentioned meaning, the traditional owl tattoos symbolizes the wearers willingness to acquire knowledge and wisdom.
The owl chest tattoo designs often feature a single owl with its wings spread wide, symbolizing knowledge and freedom.
Barn owl tattoos have similar symbolic value as the regular owl tattoos, but are easily recognizable due to the characteristic appearance of the barn owls.
Small owl tattoos are quite popular as they are less visible, but carry the similar deep symbolic value as the large and elaborate owl tattoos.

Owl tattoos have a great scope for creativity with numerous vibrant, colorful and visually attractive owl tattoo designs available online. Owl tattoos have gained great popularity among women all over the world with small, cute owl tattoos and colorful owl tattoos being the most sought after varieties. The most common are Courage, Power, Royalty, Dignity, Authority, Dominion, Justice, Wisdom and Ferocity. Getting a lion tattoo that symbolizes ferocity is one of the easiest types of lion tattoos that one can get. From the search engines like yahoo or Google, you should be able to find examples of lion tattoos that will give you an idea of what you want. Tattoos regarding these endangered birds can symbolize individuality and uniqueness as well. In certain Native American and Alaskan cultures, owls are associated with bad omens and even death.

In such a case a simple drawing of a roaring lion will create a very good effect as regards to this type of symbolization. In third world countries however, the people who offer this service are not as easy to find. From the printout, the tattoo marker should be able to do the same on whichever part of the body you wish.

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