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Published: 05.12.2014. Category: Music Tattoo Designs

Here at the Thailand tattoo center we have decided to elaborate on one of our many inspiring design categories; The Dragon Tattoo. The image of the dragon is prominent among Japanese tattoo history and is synonymous with the attributes; wisdom, strength, wind and water as well as being associated as a force of good. In ancient Japanese lore, dragons are also deemed to be transformed from the Koi fish, the legend tells of how Thousands of koi fish would swim up the ‘yellow river’ only to be confronted by a waterfall.
These positive connotations associated with the dragon in eastern mythology are the reason for the popularity of existing dragon tattoos, as well as the powerful and captivating image of the dragon’s powerful body composition.

We have a huge collection of dragon tattoo designs that you can hunt through to find an image that is different and unique. If you feel you are inspired to find a unique dragon tattoo design then get in contact with us at the Thailand tattoo center, we will make the process of deciding on the creation and drawing of a unique design, seamless, quick and enjoyable. The great current of the waterfall overpowered the Koi, taking one by one, until one Koi fish persevered, battling the current for a hundred years. The dragon tattoo is also recommended for complete body art designs, as it creates a great focal point and center piece to capture the viewer’s gaze.

Impressed by the willpower of the koi, the gods transformed the Koi into a beautiful Golden dragon. This story is a perfect indication of what the dragon represents; the pinnacle of sheer willpower.

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