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Tattoos are a style statement through which you can express your love, support or attitude in a very personalized manner. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Ambigram Tattoos, Knuckle Tattoos, Literary Tattoos and Believe Tattoos.
The knuckle seems to be a popular space for getting the thug tattoo in different cool fonts. Etched in black with a beautiful calligraphic font and vines design, this thug tattoo looks charming.
The man expresses his thug attitude through this back tattoo design that has an intriguing look. This man chose his hand to flaunt the thug life lettering tattoo that has been carved in funky font. Large font exclaiming thug life along with a pistol carved on the stomach makes for a fabulous tattoo piece.
The craze of thug life is evident across all age groups and this old man has got a tattoo on his knuckles to express the same.

Done in stencil design, this thug tattoo forming an arc around the belly button looks sober. Simple and elegant, the boy sports his thug chest tattoo in style as he poses for the camera. Get ready to be punched by this guy’s fist having knuckles carved with thug life lettering. The dark dog along with a thug dawg lettering, sitting on the arm, has a creepy and sordid touch. The belly thug life tattoo is a style statement that you can keep private and show it to only those who you want. This thug life tattoo, starting at the ends of the fingers, looks fabulous when displayed together. This thug tattoo with a scroll curled around a playing card represents the risk and glamor in thug’s life.
This boy has got a thug life tattoo inside his mouth to keep his craze secret and flaunt it when he wants.

Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. I own none of the photos I post here and if you find a picture of yourself and don't want it here I will delete it.
Youth are attracted by their way of living and do not necessarily imbibe the same but like the thrill and excitement. If you like a particular life style of a group or have a soft corner for some star or celebrity, you can get a tattoo on your body to give vent to your liking. A very popular tattoo design that is related to a particular life style and also rings a bell with the fans of Tupac shakur is the thug tattoo.

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