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Kansas City, MO-based creator of the hand-printed blackboard bold typeface Captain Cook Tattoo Font (2011). If you're planning a tattoo or simply need a font that looks like tattoo lettering, check out these 22 fonts.
Whether your project is a tattoo or a design that evokes tattoo culture, you've found the place. Six of them are dingbat fonts that contain dozens of pieces of tattoo-appropriate artwork, such as hearts, skulls, animals like dragons and scorpions, fantasy art, and tribal and Celtic symbols.

If you'd like to use any of them commercially, contact the font's designer for licensing options.
Blackletter typefaces are the most classic style used, being ornate-looking fonts with thick-and-thin, highly angular serifs. The other 16 fonts include traditional, script, tribal and grunge faces appropriate for tattoos. As tattooing became further refined and spread amongst different classes of society such as circus folk, a wider variety of fonts were used, including highly simplified, deconstructed forms of blackletter fonts.

In modern times, tribal and faux-tribal fonts are a popular way to express both power and sensitivity through tattoo lettering.

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