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This tribal band tattoo has a very simple design but in bold dark lines that show off the perfect formation of the curves.
This picture shows a tribal tattoo that looks like a line of flames rising up in an inferno. The tribal tattoo in this picture, with its bold dark lines looks like a band of thorns that have got entangled. This picture shows a tribal band tattoo that is more like an artistic pile of a warrior’s swords and knifes.
A superb combo comes into existence when you have a tribal band tattoo with an oriental letter tattoo. Two tattoos, a single design like a letter and a tribal band tattoo below it, makes a very classy design. This tribal band tattoo reminds one of monuments and balconies with its bold curves flanked by two bands of think parallel lines. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
The most common tattoos are the ones that are easier to get carved and also look aesthetic i.e. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Chinese Symbol Tattoos, Travis Barker Tattoos, Soulja Boy Tattoos and Sparrow Tattoos. Initials of daughter woven into the tribal armband makes for a lovely design that is aesthetic as well as meaningful. This guy expresses his love with a tribal armband tattoo showing a heart that is stylish as well as lovely. The blue and red flower sits pretty on the arm of the girl along with a tribal band design holding it together. Traditional tribal design that looks masculine and has a nice curvy and bold look; fit for a males. A different style tribal armband which has two swords like pattern crossing each other in the middle. Looking sharp and emphatic, this tribal armband tattoo makes a fabulous statement with its robust design. This kind of tribal armbands are quite popular due to their artistic display and clean look. If you want a plain and pretty kind of tribal armband, then this is a good choice as it causes less pain and also looks good. Arcs knotted together create a sober and simple looking armband design that is very graceful in appearance. The beauty of tribal armband tattoos lies in the fact that even a simple design can create a nice look if it is done in a neat manner just like the one shown here.
The red leaf in the center of the tribal armband symbolizes the love life of the wearer and really looks adorable.
The muscular guy flaunts his tribal armband carved with a striking pattern that makes for a catchy tattoo piece. A flaming design tribal armband graces the inside of the arm of this man who stands for passion and ambition.

This tribal armband symbolizes the unrequited love of the wearer which finds an expression in the incomplete heart shape etched in the middle.
Life must always keep flowing, no matter what the situation is; this is the message hidden in the tribal armband. Nice tattoo design that stands for rebirth and continuity and represents the belief of the wearer in the twin phenomena. The thick “V-shaped pattern, intertwined together, brings out a bold look in the armband that looks quite appealing on the arm of the sturdy man.
This is a tattoo worn by the gangsters, on their arm, to symbolize their prison term but one can also get it carved just for aesthetic reasons. Distinct tribal tattoo, carved just above the elbow, looks unique and is sure to catch the eyes of onlookers. Covering only one half of the arm, this tribal tattoo makes for a cool design that has a modest funky touch too. The spiral, arcs and curves combined into one, create a catchy tribal design tattoo, that possesses a great aesthetic look.
The tribal tattoos symbolize the rich and varied heritage of the old tribes and look very intriguing in their detailed form.
If you want you can have the tribal armband carved with light ink, so as to create a subdued form of the tribal tattoo. Bold tribal design carved as tattoo around the bulging biceps, makes for a splendid sight, highlighting them even more. The cute curves and the diamond-shaped pattern create an alluring tribal armband tattoo for the man. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The almost shark-like shapes look menacing and awe-inspiring, especially since they have been designed in such bold lines.
The shapes have been designed with perfect symmetry and no line is out-of-place, making it a great artistic piece. The simple yet artistic flavor of the thick parallel lines with the simple curves within them, make it a classy and prominent tattoo to have. The shield resembles those carried by the ancient Knights Templar who had the responsibility of protecting religious treasures. This tribal band tattoo has an array of curves and shapes that fit perfectly within the framework of the band around the leg making it very prominent and stylish. The curves and sharp points all form a circle around the wrist in an unusual display of simplistic tattoo art.
The tribal band tattoo with its usual curves and points looks very artistic in its pitch black formation. It looks like a complicated rope tied around the arm with its many twists and shapes that seem to be woven one into another. The “V” shapes and the pointed curves mingle together to form a fantastic tribal band tattoo that is bold and prominent and worth showing off. The tribal band tattoo is the usual but classy piece of art with its bold and dark curves and lines. The band tattoo has an unusual design that looks like twisted barbed wire and the oriental letter makes the whole picture very uncommon.

The usual tribal band tattoo with it dark bold lines and curves is interspersed with bright red triangular shapes making it a tattoo worth copying. The tribal band tattoo, with its usual curves and shapes suddenly seems to look like a line of alphabets in some language. The band looks like barbed wire with its twists and points but has a superb artistic talent written all over it. The delicate shapes have an occasional filling of bold geometrical shapes to make a superb combination of styles. I like the Art and glory for the men and the Symmetry and Geometry is somehow good for the women. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. They are emphatic and display nice geometric patterns in the form of curves, spirals, arcs, etc.
They have a general theme of curves and geometrical shapes forming a rope around the wrist, ankle or leg like a sort of band. It reminds one of arrows, shields, trellis-work and garden implements because of its strange shape that is an attractive whole.
Then there is the tattoo of a pair of cherries in red splendor that makes the combo seem odd, but may mean something to the wearer. This has superb shades of green and blue, but the basic theme of interwoven curves and shapes has remained the same, making it a very attractive art form.
The bold and dark shapes are filled with yellow and red shading making the whole design look very artistic and stylish. Apart from this, they are also full of meaning and can symbolize love, passion, ambition and a hell lot of other emotions and feelings.
Most of these tattoos have the classic dark and bold lines and shapes that look very prominent. But each has a small difference that makes every one of them a piece of art worth imitating.
They are one of the most common tattoos worn by people around their arms in different designs and shapes.
The dark ones as well as the colored or shaded ones have an inherent artistic style that looks superb whether the design is big or small. Among the designs, tribal designs steal the show when it comes to gracing the am in the form of a bracelet. Here we have shortlisted 25 tribal armband tattoos that will make you more acquainted with the variety that they possess.
Also, some have other themes that combine with the band tattoo to form an unusual form of artistic display that is quite attractive. Tribal armband tattoos are known for their bold and masculine form and are most appropriate for the not-so-fairer-sex. However, women also get them carved, though in a little subdued form and with other embellishments.

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