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The red borders of the pink flowers together with lush green leaves create a bright ambience on the arm. Colorful cherry blossom flowers in the white clouds are symbolic of the low and high phases of life. A colorful, flowers branch starting from leg and reaching up to feet along with the name of lover.
The light blue butterflies and light red lilies, both with a tint of black sitting on the upper back look graceful. Black dots spread around the forearm decreasing in size towards the elbow have a queer design.
A pink cherry blossom flower branch curled on the arms and back takes the form of a beautiful shawl. The tribal butterfly outline inked along with two bright, colorful butterflies on upper back looks quaint.
The red cherry blossom flowers with black branches resting on the shoulder have a gorgeous look. This tattoo has spiritual and wild elements placed on back and shoulders whose meaning is not easy to decipher.
The black, leafless tree with three red fruits and flames rising inside the roots creates fear.

A dainty, beautiful flower branch with butterflies hovering over it inked in black across the knee. A doleful liner carved on back with a curvy design signifies some deep inner pain of the wearer.
White flowers with pink sepals and buds tucked around on a brown branch have a charming look. A red corset design along with angel wings on top sides look amazing on the red-haired girl. Life is all about moving on and achieving your dreams, this is what the four butterflies are saying. The roaring tiger on the river bank and the green weeds and pink flowers bring alive the wild life around the waist. The sky blue fish inked along with flowers on the waist looks sensuous and arouses excitement. The zigzag design on the back with multiple pictures created in black and white have a mesmerizing touch. A black butterfly with red shades and angular wings carved below the neck at the back looks pretty. Actually I would say that a tattoo is a highly personalized accessory and everyone has a different taste in matters of looks and style.

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Their function is to accentuate the features and enhance the appearance of the particular body part. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Well, the whole activity is really confusing and chaotic but if you get an idea of how the tattoos would look like once they have been finally carved, everything becomes smooth. With this very thought in mind we have complied here a glossary of 35 beautiful tattoos with varied designs and looks. This is to say that you need beautiful tattoos to serve the purpose mentioned in the first sentence. A tattoo is a highly personalized accessory and everyone has a different taste in matters of looks and style.

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