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There are many animals and reptiles commonly used as images for tattoo designs; however one of the more unusual options has to be that of an iguana tattoo so let’s take this opportunity to find out more about this particular lizard. It is also essential to remember that this is a decision that will be with you forever so it is necessary to make the right choice so you don’t end up with a design you regret further down the line.
Some individuals may opt for an iguana tattoo simply because they like are a fan of this creature while others may relate to the iguana’s traits and choose this image for that reason. There are many websites and galleries with all the information you need about tattooing as well as offering a good deal of designs to give you ideas and inspiration.
One of the main representations of an iguana tattoo is as a symbol of the human soul’s search for enlightenment however there are other symbolisms which may make it a suitable choice for you.
There may be some pain endured in the creation of your tattoo so you want to ensure it is worth it.

Many people keep this particular member of the lizard family as a pet so they may opt to have this image used in a tattoo in homage to their favorite animal.
However like any other tattoo design, it is important to thoroughly research the meaning behind your chosen design to ensure it is relevant for your purpose.
Your chosen design should reflect what you want it to say about you, or have some significance to you personally either as an individual or in connection to your life experiences. Iguanas are known as survivors as they are always the last to retreat even when other creatures withdraw from the battle so it is possible a person may choose to use this image to convey this aspect of their own personality or life experiences.
Certain animal images placed on specific body parts can give the impression of movement adding a touch of reality which will accentuate your chosen design even further. Symbolism can vary in interpretation but as long as you can relate to a specific meaning and you are happy with the chosen design then it should be one you can display with pride.

There are many differing designs available for this type of tattoo and they can be created on a small, medium or large scale in simplistic or elaborately detailed versions. However if you work in an environment where it would be considered unprofessional to display body art of any description it is worth baring this in mind before deciding on the placement for your chosen tattoo. These can also be done in one single color of ink, such as black or green but also look great on the skin as multi-colored images too. The latter would certainly be an eye catching tattoo guaranteed to attract attention but would involve much more work by the tattooist so this could mean a more painful experience during the process.

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