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Of course it's entirely possible that rose tattoos have a completely different symbolic meaning for you, something personal and unique. One design that is not as common, but still makes a great looking piece is a black rose tattoo. A black rose was also used by the Irish as a symbol of rebellion against the British, who had a red rose as a symbol. Passion is what this tattoo denotes, with its rich central rose having an intense red color, surrounded by tribal motifs that look like flames.
Roses nowadays have straightforward meanings that everyone acknowledges: it is the flower of passion and it brings to mind the ideas of love, beauty and intense emotion.

Rose tattoos have many alternatives, either looking like the original flower, colored in red, yellow or white or being stylized in abstract shapes, becoming thus more suitable for men maybe. The red rose will always be a symbol of love and will always be given to girls by the boys who are in love with them, so you can choose to have it in a temporary tattoo form also, if you feel that love should accompany you all the time!
A very interesting combination of tattoo symbols, this Tribal Love Lilly is a combination between a heart, tribal motifs and a lily. Lilly tattoos have a deep symbolic meaning, as this flower is associated with many concepts.
The designs can picture a stylized version of a rose (usually black) or incorporate a rose in tribal patterns.

It would look great as a center piece for a larger tattoo on your lower back or on your arm.
Some of the oldest rose tattoos, back from the 16th century, were performed on the bodies of the prisoners who were sentenced to death.
Maybe it was their good-bye gift or their last connection to the beauty of the material world.

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