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The origin of tribal tattoos dates back thousands of years, in fact the first tattooed man was found frozen in ice and dates back to 5000 BC. Modern day tribal tattoos are based on the designs of many of these tribes such as, Aztec, Samoan, Polynesian, Indian, Hawaiian, Egyptian, Mayan and Maori. When you search for tribal tattoo pictures you will see that they have evolved into many different styles, some tribal tattoos now include colours, or even images such as flowers, animals or butterflies.

So no matter what type of tribal design you desire there are an endless number of styles and designs to suit you.
The tradition marked a person as a member of a certain tribe, often as an initiation into adulthood, marriage or to represent a new social status. Neo-traditional tribal tattoos are becoming more popular as they fuse the old style with more modern tribal designs.

What they symbolise varies according to the origin of the design and of course by the person who chooses the design.

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