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Whatever the case, while chatting with a visiting friend from Miami, she brought up a talk about tribes and leadership from TedX (see below) that had made an impression on her. Cherry blossoms have different meanings but in Japanese culture, it’s a symbol for samurais. There are many designs to choose from; some are more delicate while others can show your inner strength.
But if you are not someone who likes to give cryptic messages, then the spinal area is still a great place for tattoos. If you have been thinking of getting a cool and unique tattoo, why not go for a spine tattoo? If you are thinking what could be the best tattoo design for your spine, then the moon and its phases is a unique but wonderful tattoo. Your spine tattoo doesn’t really mean you need a design that will cover up your whole spine.
A watercolor inspired flower tattoo works best to show your beauty and fragility as a woman.
This amazing abstract tattoo will make you feel you have a wing (yep, just one) or perhaps an invention of the ancient Egyptian civilization. This simple and yet very soothing watercolor tattoo is a good design for anyone who wants a subtle tattoo. These beautiful swirls tattooed on your spinal area feels like there is a beautiful magic flowing out of you.
This smaller tribal design may not really mean something but it’s a beautiful tattoo with an enthralling design.
These swirls and patterns would make your think of those Indian patterns you commonly see in their palaces.
This stunning Mandala design has everything you want in a tattoo; a great message, magnificent details and a great overall visual appeal.
Phoenix are mythical creatures that die in their own flames, but are reborn in their ashes.
Raffaella has been tattooing since 1997 and specialises in samoan, maori, polynesian and celtic styles.
Tim started tattooing while studying Fine Art and has recently been awarded his MFA from the Glasgow School of Art where he also teaches evening classes in drawing and painting.
Simon started his career piercing in Edinburgh, however it wasn't long before he branched out into tattooing to flex his artistic muscles.

It was something like the anti-social network, where people who practiced alternative lifestyles gathered online instead of creating profiles on myspace. It turns out the talk is by David Logan, and his TedX lecture is about his theory on a human typology - and he claims that all humans fall into one of five different tribes. Level one is comprised of about 2% of the population and includes violent and criminal people - he mentions "jail culture" as an example.
As an anthropologist, I realize that most attempts to put humans into a strict typology have been largely left in the past by scholars - mainly because such generalizations gloss over too many individualities and peculiarities. These soldiers are chivalrous, brave, courageous and noble and the cherry blossom tattoo on spine has also been affiliated with those meanings.
When you want discretion either for work or school, you can totally hide it with your clothes. Here are some gorgeous inspirations for ladies out there (who knows, you guys might want one, too)!
Moon symbolizes feminine power and subtle strength so it’s the perfect design for you. It’s usually colorful and the symmetries and geometric designs will really make you look at it.
But it can depend on you and it’s simply a unique and beautiful design for a unique and beautiful person.
The flowers themselves are placed in the upper back part so you can flaunt it easily with some type of clothes. Each flower could have a different meaning and all these could also represent who you are as a person. You can choose a quote or your motto in life; basically something that makes you stand strong and tall. These characters could relay your message but you should try to consult an expert so you don’t do anything wrong with your characters. This is another lotus flower spine tattoo and besides the color of the flower, pink shadows give more life to the design. A lotus flower has different meanings depending on its color but in general, it is associated with spiritual purity and enlightenment. Most of his tattoo pieces are his own creations, preferring delicately graceful flowing work that compliments individual body shape such as organic or floral compositions. Level two claims about 20% of the population and is comprised of people that hate life and feel sorry for themselves - a step up from level one, but still highly negative.

However, Logan's ideas allow for an understanding of how negativity and positivity can affect our outlook on life and our relationships with others.
You can really self assess where you fit and if the ultimate is level five then you know exactly where people desire you to be and it is just a matter of getting there. They would be thinking of those rugged and macho designs that we commonly see on rugged and macho men on TV shows with muscles bulging and filled with tattoos from head to toe. But the best of these designs are those that you know will speak for you, no matter what gender and age group you belong. But you can flaunt it with bareback clothes when it’s casual days or you can show parts of it.
It’s plainly just mixtures of colors but when you really look at it, it could be the universe. The best thing about watercolor inspired tattoos are the splash of bright and pastel colors. Simon enjoys tattooing many styles but particularly enjoys colour, realism and black and grey.
The idea of the tribe has fallen a little out of vogue these days, and I wonder if it has something to do with the proliferation of "tribal" style tattoos among more mainstream youth. Level three, about 35% of the population is where most people reside - they are "one-up" types, or people who will listen to you and then jump in and explain why they're that much better than you. It’s accompanied by letters from an ancient language and could mean something to you. Level four, another 20% or so, are a bit more positive, and have a type of self awareness that allows them to encourage others to move "up" to the next level.
And perhaps most important, Logan explains how bringing people together who may not otherwise meet is a unique, effective and highly valuable type of leadership that we can all strive to practice.
Seeing as how important the spine is as well as how delicate it can be, it’s the perfect spot for tattoos on women. Finally there is level five, again only about 2% of the population, who are people that are leaders in that they can bring people from disparate groups together and let them work together for the benefit of all. I think there is definitely something to be taken from this, even if it's just for reflection during our own attempts at self improvement.

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