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After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Cream & Piercing Spray (UK)Making Tattoos Look Better & Brighter For Longer! Posted on 8 October, 2012 · The dragon is probably the most popular of all mythological creatures.
Dragons are legendary creatures that looks serpentine or reptilian and is featured as myths of many cultures. Typically, the placement of a dragon tattoo are on large areas like the shoulders, back or chest.
Dragons are beautiful mysterious creatures that symbolizes power and brute force, but at the same time they signify protection, a guardian from evil and a bringer of good fortune. With tattoo studios coming up at every nook and corner, the number of ink lovers is also on the rise. The meaning and resemblance of a dragon tattoo depends from culture to culture and on the way each person looks at the mythical creature.
Dragons are well thought-out to be both the harbingers of fortune and fertility and the incarnation of the evil spirit and destroyer of homes. In English, the work “dragon” came from the Greek ”drakon” which means “serpent, giant seafish”. Typically, men get dragon tattoos because of the strength, courage, sheer brute force and power, wisdom and the feeling of protection it represents. No wonder why a lot of people are mystified by this being and would gladly offer their living canvas to be permanently drawn or etch a dragon on their skin.

This form of body art that was once used to mark the identity of a groups of pirates and bikers is today to a certain extent popular with people of all age groups. Dragon tattoos in black with flames and fire drawn along are the commonest of all dragon tattoos.
If you speak in general, men sport dragon tattoos to represent courage, strength, raw power and force, wisdom and reason, and protectors of the sacred items etc. They can be seen as creators of life, thereby the dragon tattoo representing a creator goes well on a woman’s skin. This supernatural creature is quite well-known in the world of tattoos and holds different meanings to different people and cultures. While Eastern Dragons are seen as bearers of good fortune, protectors, ward off sickness and evil. From celebrities to common man, many can be seen sporting some whimsical tattoo design to be a part of the so called trendy crowd.
The Eastern dragons are looked up as munificent creatures who are the protectors of life, fertility and of good fortune. Nevertheless, if you happen to get a Chinese or Japanese dragon styles, they are quite pretty and ornate in color and shades of white and black. Some of them consider themselves to be the saviors and protectors of their loved one; hence a dragon that symbolizes protection fits well in the role of a guardian. Women can associate their dragon tattoos to the protection of children, and can see the strength of the dragon embodied in them.

This piece of writing by now must have given you an insight into the world of dragon tattoos and their meanings.
This is why eastern dragons like the Japanese and Chinese dragon tattoos are so popular, but of course there are individuals who prefer the western dragon style which look more vicious and humongous strong.
Nevertheless, you can see many customers looking for a rework done on their existing tattoo designs of Celtic letters or barbwires which proves to be of no significance after a certain period of time. On the other hand, the Western dragons are looked down upon as evil creatures known to destroy villages and guard hoards of treasures. Therefore, if you intend to ink your body permanently, it is advisable to opt for a design that is significant rather than just a random design you can’t relate to later on in time. A dragon is one such tattoo design that will serve the purpose of your decision of inking your body. These mythological creatures are both beautiful and terrifying and hold an array of significance for people of different cultures.

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