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Published: 06.05.2016. Category: Cross Tattoos Designs

While several animals within the tattoo symbolism book, each real and legendary, have quite varied meanings throughout time and across cultures, the imaginary creature may be a pleasant exception. One of the most beautiful tattoos that you can do is certainly a unicorn, being a creature full of beauty, purity, innocence and a high sense of femininity. In this post i have collected 25 most beautiful unicorn tattoo designs for your inspiration. We are creative team of tattoo artists, illustrators, painter and digital artists lead by super human (Alien) Sunny Bhanushali.

Two sisters wanted to get something which looks nice and relates to their life and relationship, offered couple of concepts based on their design brief, however finalized with my old sketch of Unicorn. The unicorn is a legendary animal that has been around for many centuries and are believed to have first been mentioned in Greece. Since then the unicorn has spread across Europe and can be seen in many places including the Royal Coat of Arms for Scotland.While their has never been the remains of a unicorn found their are similar looking animals such as the extinct Elasmotherium and the Oryx. This maybe where the idea of a unicorn first came from, assuming they never existed of course.

The bible itself mentions unicorns on more than one occasion, however the biblical meaning has been debated for many years.

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