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It is not possible to produce fully joined text in UK school styles with a basic font alone.
All the letters (except the e) in this alphabet are written starting from the top and most of them (apart from f, t, x and i) are written with a single stroke without lifting the pen from the paper. For children in the early stages of learning cursive, the r is the most difficult letter to join to the letter following it.
If one choices to opt for this form of r, which resembles the z, it is also advisable to opt for the alternative form of the z, which has a descending loop, or the version with a crossbar which obviously requires a pen lift. In the first b of babbo, (daddy in Italian) above , the first segment of the letter is a piece of a join.

This is because it is exclusively a cursive form and does not exist in the basic unjoined alphabet. The alternative r is awkward to join when the preceding letter has a horizontal join like the o or the v. An entrance stroke which is not purposeful, being at the beginning of a word, is not joining anything. Later on, as the children develop and personalize their writing, they may choose to use loops to join the r to the letter following it. In addition, this r breaks the rule that all the letters are written starting from the top.

It should be simply noted that the basic rule of not starting a word with an entrance stroke is not being followed.

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