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Behance, the creative network operated by Adobe, has always been a great place to find inspiration. Especially free typefaces for daily needs are not always easy to find – and this applies in particular when you try to avoid the usual suspects like Open Sans.
The Canadian Mathieu Desjardins has also published a sans-serif typeface that stands out from other sans-serif typefaces. Pablo Impallari released two of the best-known baroque typefaces under the Open Font License. Besides free everyday fonts, Behance also offers unusual typeface drafts and usable typefaces that are primarily suitable for headings. It was designed by the Finn Ossi Gustafsson and provides five fonts in total, with the light version being for free.
This typeface only provides one font, but it has very nicely designed letters – especially capital letters stand out. Andreas Larsen and Alfredo Marco Pradil have developed more than only one open source typeface, so it’s worthwhile taking a closer look at their Behance profiles.
Check out this great post from Webdesigntuts+ on A Beginner's Guide to Pairing Fonts for more help on this. If you're not using web fonts, you'll need to rely on system fonts (ie: fonts which are available by default on a computer). For a more comprehensive list of system fonts, take a look at Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents. Since most typefaces were designed to be printed with black ink on a light background, you need to be careful when choosing a typeface reversed out of a dark background.

Many designers and illustrators present free and contract work, including typefaces that can be used productively.
The typeface, which is only available as majuscule font, builds on an uneven grid that conveys a somewhat three-dimensional impression.
His characters are composed of ribbons that have kinks where you wouldn’t expect them but which create a three-dimensional effect that is supported by shadows.
The 19 I picked out for this article show how diverse typefaces can be and how exceptional the use of typography can be. As a web design company we are always on the look out for new fonts (if they are free all the better).
I'm not implying that a typeface has the power to bring you to tears or make you laugh until your belly hurts. Chances are you will want to select a typeface that creates a sense of security and protection.
For instance, a billboard or other outdoor signage set in script will be nearly impossible, not to mention irritating to read while driving. Over the past 27 years, I have worked on a wide variety of print and web projects for large corporations, small businesses, and individuals. This, however, allows ambitious designers to develop the typeface further and to their needs because the source files are mostly in the typeface’s download folder. If you do this, it's important to pay attention to the contrast between the typefaces you choose. Typically, I use only use one or two typefaces in my designs, sometimes three, though that is rare.

If you are setting type for a magazine article, chances are you will need a typeface that includes all of these things. If the design is to be printed on newsprint or other absorbent stock, chances are the dark area will bleed into the lighter text and decrease readability further. All characters can be downloaded as a TIFF file allowing you to build at least short texts and headings. A great font can make all the difference between a design that looks amazing (and professional) to one that doesn’t!
They are versatile because they come in a wide variety of weights and styles and don't distract the reader. Choose a typeface that is bolder and larger to ensure clarity, the less decorative the better. Check out Envato StudioChoose from over 5 million royalty-free photos and images priced from $1. Then again, if you have a project that requires a jumbled, chaotic look, perhaps using multiple typefaces is the perfect solution. Unless you aren't concerned about readability, these typefaces aren't a suitable choice for large blocks of text.

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