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Understand exactly what variables are and how they can super-charge how you implement your instructional design thinking. In the previous article in this series, I mentioned that some of the most powerful features you can find in an authoring tool tend to be buried away, meaning lots of people simply don’t know they exist. If you were thinking about buying Storyline and trawled the Articulate website for product information about Storyline and its features, you’d be hard-pressed to find more than a passing reference to variables.
Most of what people focus on when they are creating e-learning with Storyline happens at slide level. In other words, you are using tools and features to control elements on a specific, individual slide.
As the name suggests, text variables allow you to store an retrieve a piece of text the learners type into it.
If this is all still a bit, too conceptual for you, let’s take a look at a simple example of how you might use each one. While the course is running, piece of text (the learners’ name) is available to you at any time on any slide – you just need to retrieve it. So, for example, instead of an instruction on a screen saying, “Please select the best response”, it could say “Debbie, please select the best response” (assuming Debbie was the learner’s name). When you create the text box with this instruction in it, you would just make sure you insert the name of your text variable at the start of the sentence. This means you could pepper your course with personalised references to the learner using the learner name stored in the variable. So you might, for example, want to keep track of the number of times a learner clicks on a particular button on a slide and when they reach a pre-defined number of clicks either show them a specific piece of content on that slide or take them to another slide. When the learner reaches a slide later in the course, you might decide to show one piece of content on the slide if the variable ‘switch’ is set to false and a different piece of content if the variable ‘switch’ has been flicked to true.
In summary, then, variables give you the power and flexibility to start thinking about how you can link you design across an entire course and break free of the restrictions of just designing on a slide-by-slide basis. Andrew Jackson is co-founder of Pacific Blue Solutions a company specialising in delivering instructional design training, Storyline training and developing boredom-busting e-learning solutions for clients. If you’d like to discover 10 things you probably didn’t know about using Storyline, you can get a free copy of his short guide: Storyline Top Tips and Techniques. First thing I did – create a skin profile for myself to get a better idea of what I needed. Head into Rexall today and ask one of their store associates for help picking the perfect foundation for YOU! Subscribe to our mailing list and get freshly picked blog posts sent straight to your email inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter.Chanpreet KhuranaHannah Norling, head of marketing and communications, My Choices Foundation. Mainstream television news channels picked it up for comparison with the My Choice campaign by Vogue India magazine featuring actor Deepika Padukone.
It is fair to say that social media and communications are a strong suit of My Choices Foundation, which won the Social Media for Empowerment award given by the Digital Empowerment Foundation this year.
My Choices Foundation was started by Elca Grobler and Anjali Rudraraju in 2012—Rudraraju left the foundation in May 2015 to focus full-time on her organic farming business.

My Choices Foundation trained local women who were already entrenched in their communities to talk to victims and their families, counsel victims, counsel perpetrators of violence as well as their extended family and mediate in family disputes.
Very early on, a monster of a problem started to emerge in the peacemakers’ conversations with communities. Last year, they clubbed the work to prevent domestic violence under Operation Peacemaker and started Operation Red Alert for preventing sex trafficking. They are investing in technology through Australia-based big data consulting firm Quantium Analytics’ pro bono support to map hot spots for trafficking over the next 3-5 years. Since 2012, My Choice Foundation has been running on private funds invested by Grobler and a few other philanthropists in Hyderabad.
Mint has a strategic partnership with Digital Empowerment Foundation, which hosts the Manthan and mBillionth awards. Before I explain that it’s worth mentioning why they might be so spectacularly useful and important. Number variables allow you to store and retrieve a number or changing numbers that are relevant to your course. This way, you are telling Storyline to retrieve what’s stored in that variable and display it at the start of the sentence. Note that once the course is finished, the name stored in the variable is lost, so if the learner returned to the course a second time, they would have to type their name again at the very beginning. You can also add, subtract, divide and multiply any numbers stored in your number variable. The first day I tried this foundation, I was travelling from Winnipeg back to Toronto (and you know how crazy travel days can really affect your skin). There are SOOOO many different brands that will 100% suite all of your skin types, shades, and needs. Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu and Ravi Shastri made a pledge to respect women in an advertisement that was viewed thousands of times on YouTube. A friend of the organization, Arshia Ayub, is the wife of former Indian cricketer Arshad Ayub. It was also the most amount of visibility the organization has had, with the campaign airing on national television and sparking conversations on Twitter and Facebook. A South African national, Grobler moved her family, including three children, then aged 5, 8 and 10, to India in 2011 to work in the development space. India is still seen as one of the worst places in the world to be born a girl,” says Grobler.
The foundation calls the trained counsellors peacemakers; there are 75 of them now across Falaknuma, Golconda and Lakdi ka Pul in Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Warangal. Girls were whisked away to the city or foreign shores with promises of marriage, employment or education, never to be heard from again. The idea was to include the entire family in finding a solution and taking a positive rather than finger-pointing view. The foundation also sells scarves and bags made from silk saris online, mostly to customers in the US. Rahul Gandhi reboots to challenge Narendra ModiOla seen gaining from Applea€™s $1 bn Didi investment First Published: Wed, May 11 2016.

They are a little bit abstract (not an easy thing for light and fluffy marketing types to get their heads around). The more functionality and control you have over what happens on an individual slide (or one of its layers) the better. What about if you want to design your course in such a way that what a learner does on slide 5 has an impact on what they can do or what they can see on slide 25, for example? At the start of  a course, you can ask learners to type their name into a special text field. When the learner does something (like click on a button) you could set their action to flick the ‘switch’ to the opposite of its starting point (i.e.
Is $38 foundation REALLY part of my budget… when there may be less expensive options that are just as good? The ad was commissioned by My Choices Foundation, a Hyderabad-based non-governmental organization (NGO), as part of its Respect2Protect campaign. He made some introductions and the foundation hired cameramen in Australia to make the video in record time.
For three years prior to coming to India, Grobler was working in Australia with an NGO that raises funds for microfinance institutions. The foundation spent 18 months researching the issue, reaching out to NGOs in the child sex trafficking space to discover any gaps.
Now, both the Australia and India offices of Quantium are supporting My Choices Foundation.
Grobler explains that to apply for permissions, you need to show you are a legitimate organization, including showing the financial statements for three years. According to Grobler, all of this helps cobble together the $20,000-a-month the foundation needs to run its five centres. And learning to use them takes a bit of concentration and effort (not exactly a great sell if you’re trying to persuade prospective clients that creating e-learning is quick and easy). It will come as no great shock to discover that the values you can switch between are (you guessed it) true and false! This automatically stores whatever name they type in the field inside the text variable you created.
This is the only thing that I had an issue with – I found my t-zone getting a bit oily throughout the day, and I definitely had to powder a couple times.
We had to sneak the camerapersons in and the shoot was done entirely inside the hotel,” says Norling. We wanted to focus at the top of this cliff, at the edge, before the girls are lost to trafficking,” she explains.

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