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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Cake Decorating Co now stock the entire new range of Dinkydoodle Designs airbrush colours. This fantastic range of Brand New Water Based Airbrushing Colours by Dinkydoodle Designs boast an ability to produce the dramatic impact and intensity needed for cake decorating airbrush applications, from delicate shading to lively vibrant colours on sugar paste, bringing your creations to life.
Water based airbrush colours work very differently to the original ethanol based Dinkydoodle colours, but what they lack in versatility, they make up for in price. So what makes these new water based colours so different from the original ethanol based colours?
They will cover a cake quickly and are very cost effective, so you won’t have to spend time colouring sugar paste to achieve your desired colour. The water based White colour is ideal for blending and mixing colours to achieve softer shades and it is perfect for highlighting areas of your project. The Creating Colour with airbrushing paints by Dawn Butler goes hand in hand with the full range of airbrushing colours, teaching you how to choose your colour schemes and how to achieve the perfect shades. These colours DO NOT work on chocolate or any other smooth surface as the water droplets will just form on the surface and run off. The Cake Decorating Company now stock the new range of Dinkydoodle Designs airbrush colours, in both 45ml and 100ml. Join our mailing list and recieve regular updates about new and existing products, reviews and events.
WHAT THIS MEANS: Silicone based products require higher pressure (5-15 PSI) to be atomized efficiently.
WHAT THIS MEANS: Once the makeup is applied, a foundation can be still moved on the skin and re blended after a few minutes, if necessary.
WHAT THIS MEANS: Although the ingredient list can vary significantly for each brand, it is a statistical truth that water based products are extremely well tolerated even by the most sensitive types of skin. Most airbrush paint kits you will find -- whether they are for fire or some other airbrush art -- will try to saddle you with colors you don't need. I don't go into paints a lot on videos because they change so much over time and I hate to be telling someone about a paint on a DVD that is not so good anymore or is out-of-production. Basically there are various paints (opaque, semi-opaque, and transparent) in the opaque family and then there are candy colors. If you spray candy over a opaque white flame shape on a black background, the flame will take on the color of the candy. If you want to try using transparent paints just be aware that you will have a tendency to fog out or blur your flame shapes. There is no need for poor quality water-based candy paint since all you need for a good-quality water-based candy airbrush paint is a good water-based airbrush clear -- such as Auto-Air Clear or Transparent Base -- and a good, stable dye or tint.

That's because candy color airbrush paints do not really reflect light, they refract light. Candy color airbrush paints work great for custom painting realistic flames because the brightness adds to the lighting effect of real flames.
Regular opaque airbrush paints -- including semi-opaque and transparent airbrush paints create color by reflecting light -- bouncing it off.
You might find various ranges of transparency available in an airbrush paint line -- everything from "Opaque" to "Semi-opaque" to "Transparent" to "Candy". Additionally there are often you can mix clear base in with a color to make the transparent airbrush paints more transparent. For practicing , nothing beats good old water-based airbrush paints -- Createx and Auto-Air, Wicked Paint, -- all the same. Again, just do NOT buy their water-based candy airbrush paints or at least be sure to test them very well.
These water-based airbrush paints are easy to work just fine anywhere -- even in apartments -- because there are no fumes. For custom paint jobs on cars, motorcycles boats, etc many people use solvent-based (urethane) airbrushing paints or your own or very-well tested water-based candies.
Fumes from other solvent-based based airbrush paints (typically urethanes airbrush paint) can linger for days and often permeant carpets, drapes, etc. Do a real good prep cleaning finishing with a tack cloth and then fog on one coat of clear. You don't have to go nuts wet sanding and you definitely don't want to accidentally sand through to the actual artwork. Really most of the expense of doing custom realistic flames paint jobs and other airbrush art is the original surface prep work and the finish clearing work.
We Will Have A Long Term Of Cooperation With SATIS Company.For The Professional And Kindly Service . Our wide array of liquid food colours in a variety of colours designed for airbrush cake decorating.
In these pages you will find unbiased indipendent airbrush makeup reviews, video tutorials, and everything about airbrushing makeup not just from the US but from Europe and the world at large. This is one of the most pressing questions facing anyone approaching airbrush makeup for the first time. By efficiently I mean producing a very fine mist that will not cake on fine wrinkles and large pores. Generally the application is sheerer, so spot concealing and the use of creme correctors is somewhat more frequent. However, silicone requires a specific cleaner and a very thorough check up at the end of each session.

They are what I actually use most of the time but there are other brands that are just as good. Let me just start by saying that I am glad that I writing this post now, three years into my airbrush experience. Pros will need a complete dis assembly and clean regardless of the type of product used, but water based are far more soluble and therefore faster to deal with.
Most water based products will dry almost on contact, however some brands still allow for some movement. This can also be read as "preventing it from breathing", but remember: the airbrush application allows for gaps between atomized particles, so a silicone airbrush application can still be "healthier" for your skin than coated traditional makeup.
They blend and mix beautifully, making them the preferred colours for creating that stunning on trend ombre effect or creating the most gorgeous sunset effect. Had I not waited, I might have ended up like many other bloggers, fuelling a controversy that like most such squabbles is based on a lot of misunderstanding, and even bigger lot of rushed assumptions. Of course in both cases the real question should be why move it at all, thus compromising the airbrushed finish, which is what you should be after in the first place.
Regarding health issues with silicone in aerosol form, there is still no conclusive report that states categorically that it is safe to breath silicone particles. However, you do need to be aware that they will change their colour when sprayed on top of one and other, as with all water based colours. Thankfully, after three years since my "radical conversion" to airbrushing, and after a whole lot of experimenting, researching and polling among my students, I am confident stating the following: you can achieve extraordinary results with both kinds of product.
Water based products may streak if they come in contact with large amounts of water, however this does NOT mean that the makeup is ruined, at least not with most pro brands, because the streaks will disappear as soon as the water dries, and the makeup will look perfect again. In our airbrush makeup courses, which are not "sponsored" by any particular brand, I like my students to experience both types of makeup. For example; if you were to spray a blue sky and then decided it needed a yellow sun, when you spray the yellow over the blue it will blend together and you will end up with a green sun instead.
You simply need to plan out your design and mask off areas where you do not want the colours to layer.
Your perception of either will depend on a few factors, mainly what brand you use, how much experience you have and what kind of training you received. Their preferences and comments have been very varied, but the comments I heard most often, and with no derogatory intent,  were that silicone looks like beautiful makeup, while water based looks like beautiful skin. That said, there will always be a blogger, a makeup artist and of course many a manufacturer ready to swear on the superiority of one over the other, and so the only thing we can do is state some objective facts.
There are perfectly good reasons why on different occasions you may want to achieve both the former and the latter.

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