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We have been familiar with realistic style tattoo, which is very impressive and straightforward. A new tattoo style has become increasingly popular these days, being heavily promoted online: watercolor tattoos, a combination between watercolor painting and tattooing. A real concern about watercolor tattoos is whether the ink of the tattoo will last, considering that there is no real pattern to the ink, no defined lines.  The answers coming from the tattoo artists say that it depends on line work, color saturation, design balance, proper anatomy. With pros and cons, watercolor tattoos are  beautiful, unique and permanent pieces of body art. If you are someone that likes a little different form of tattoos, I will suggest you go for water color tattoos as these look artistic and are pretty different in style than ordinary ink tattoos. People these days want to try out different and unusual forms of body art, and what can be more intriguing and creative than inking tattoos made out of water colors! Inking your body with water colors adds a distinct charm as these make it look more like a giant canvas that is artsy. Among the most common design seen inked on most men and women, the butterfly water color tattoo is perhaps the loveliest and is one of my personal favorites. Wolf water color tattoo is also loved by one and all as it looks regal and quite masculine. There are many other designs like dolphins, portraits and flowers that look equally beautiful when inked with water colors. Also quite popular are abstract designs where the artist simply splatters various shades together to create a motif that resembles nothing in particular but still looks gorgeous like the image below where the girl’s back is seen splashed with myriad colors. Go through this post and see for yourself how brilliant these water color tattoo designs look. Basically, a watercolor tattoo is just a simulation of watercolor artwork and the style is the only thing different from a “classic” tattoo. And is true that a traditional tattoo will outlast a watercolor one, but eventually even the traditional tattoo will need a touch up as well.

Quite unlike normal tattoos, the water color tattoo ideas make use of varied patterns and styles. Butterfly is a colorful winged creature whose beauty can be portrayed in full bloom with water colors. Most men prefer to get a wolf design inked with water colors as these lend a bolder look to the design along with the dripping effect that makes the wolf appear life like. If you look below, you can also spot a few designs that make use of water colors on top of the main motif, like a deer, around which various shades of colors are splattered all over. Instead these make your bodies resemble masterpieces created by famed artists and painters. I am hopeful that you will enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you. Watercolor normally refers to the painting by mixing water-soluble pigments with a binder, and then applying it to paper. The tattoo process remains the same, same techniques and tools are used but the focus is on simulating the watercolor effect. Looking at the current trend among men and women to get such tattoos inked, I have dedicated today’s post that showcases 55+ water color tattoo ideas that are different and quite extraordinary.
Most of these tattoos look brilliant and are the works of such tattoo artists that know their craft well and are acclaimed for their artistic skills. I, as a teenager, loved tattoos that depicted butterflies and got many inked by using these flamboyant colors. Symbolizing love and passion, a rose looks romantic specially when carved using such attractive colors.
If someone seems interested in getting such mesmerizing tattoos done on their bodies, they must hook up with artists that know their skills well.
Please do come back with comments to let me know if these tattoos made an impression or not!

Now artists could create the similar style on human bodies, which makes tattoo unique and impressing. What clicks with this artsy depiction is the blotchy design pattern created by combining various water colors inside the wings that lend an abstract and shabby look.
There are no defined shapes and no outlines, watercolor tattoos allowing the artist to take on a different approach to the “traditional” tattoo. There is more ink delivered in the technique of solid coloring than that of color shading.So if you have a tattoo that is almost all shaded coloring with very little black then you have tattoo that could fade a little quicker.
However they may have been tattooed at a depth that interacted with the fatty tissue layers that causes the ink to halo or spread. I have some returning customers with watercolor tattoos from 5 years ago with no signs of needed a touch up. Nothing lasts forever but if you need a touch up I can help you.What makes a watercolor tattoo different than a normal tattoo?This is what confuses people about watercolor tattoos the most.
It appears to have a watercolor background and no black outline around the flower.The truth is that the style is the only thing different here.
The same ingredients, tools and techniques are used but I focus on simulating a watercolor style effect.Blurs, bleeds, splatters, runs, fades, shades, are all created on purpose from using a watercolor reference. I enjoy sharing it and if you'd like you can add me on any social media you prefer.The Creative Process EbookGrab my free ebook and learn more about how I will turn your idea into artwork.

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