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Several weeks ago we published a post that told you about 10 free online books for web designers. The following ten books contain a wide variety of valuable information for web designers, ranging from HTML5 to a guide for managing your time. This guide is especially handy if you haven’t done a lot of webdesign yet or if you are involved in webdesign but don’t do any of the real work. Would you like a process which would help translate the often vague, unclear wishes of your clients (and yourself, for that matter) into a clear and solid basis for your design? This guide introduces you to just the main elements of HTML5 that you’ll probably want to use right away. Written by Mark McGuinness, this e-book serves as a guide for creative people to help them be more productive and better manage their time. The Woork Handbook is a free eBook about CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, Mootools, Scriptaculous and other topics about web design… directly from Woork! Eloquent JavaScript is a digital book providing a comprehensive introduction (tutorial) to the JavaScript programming language. This guide provides designers with the proper ways to store and describe their collections in 10 short chapters.
Henry Jones is a web developer, designer, and entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience.
Heard about the 10 free ebooks, so had to check them out and I’m extremely impressed, Great collection!
Time Management for Creative People – this suggests I am not the only one that is looking into project managing my creativity!
To that end, I have put together a collection of 15 informative web design e-books that are available for free on the Internet. This is a very good e-book for those who want to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in web design.
Although this book was written in 2001, a lot of its suggestions and guidance on the topic of transitioning to the World Wide Web are still applicable today. This is a lighthearted e-book featuring 26 first-hand tips on how to harness the creativity in you. Get an insight into the latest trends in web design and mobile technologies with this collection of interviews with 28 of today’s leading figures in the industry. Although this e-book is mainly written for beginners that are still learning the ropes of web design, seasoned designers will also get some useful advice from it. Although this e-book is a little old (written in 2007), I’m sure we would all agree that good time management principles will always stand the test of time. This 127-page e-book will provide you with practical tips and a list of more than 60 tools for UX design. With so many different devices (with different screen resolutions) that we can use to surf the Net these days, responsive web design (RWD) is clearly an important topic to cover for web designers. In just 12 pages, this e-book will show you how to understand the often ambiguous requests of your clients and build creative websites that will stand out from the crowd. If you want to learn or understand more about the role of typography in web design, this 49-page e-book will help you do just that. In this 165-page handbook, you will find useful quick tips and lots of illustrations on how to make sure your designs look good down to every pixel, so to speak. This 170-page book is very good for those who already have some experience in creating websites. Information about design, creativity, web and everything else that we can think of is available to everyone, you just need a fair amount of interest to look for it.

The eBook contains the best articles that have been published on Smashing Magazine in the last five years?—?and by “best,” we mean the most useful, most interesting or most inspiring. A complete and comprehensive guide on website design suitable for freshers and expert web designers. Note & Point alumni Simon Collison has created a simple and striking slide deck that aided his talk at the 2011 Interlink Conference held in Vancouver. A short deck by Andy Field that caught my attention with the way he chose to include his screen shots. Presented by Herve Mischler at the Future of Wedesign London 2012, here are some quick tips for porting your iOS designs to Android.
It’s been a while since we’ve seen the handwritten style done right but David Bell has really pulled it together on his presentation covering his ideas on art direction.
Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity. How ironic is that I just got the CMS for Designers book :), I am going on vacation this month so I just got a couple of books to pass time on the beach.
Plus, I’ll send you occasional updates with important stuff you need to know about web design, online marketing, ethical marketing, working smart, and making a positive difference in this world.
I hope to shed some light on some common interface elements and mistakes people often make with them. Hugh MacLeod, an advertising executive and popular blogger with a flair for the creative, gives his 26 tried-and-true tips for being truly creative.
This guide is for those who want to get the basics figured out first, and worry about the finer details later on. Apart from a bookful of text, it contains plenty of example programs, and an environment to try them out and play with them. These are the basic foundations of what you need to learn to learn typography and it is essential for any designer to know how to classify type. You will find them in various formats and until the industry has a standard accessible in all devices these various formats will exist.PDF format is a popular format for ebooks.
Lucky for us, we no longer have to go through lengthy and boring books to get started on becoming a web designer. From learning the fundamentals of how web pages work to building CSS layouts with multiple columns, you can find it all here. In just 32 pages, this e-book will help you improve your time management and get the most out of your day. Written in a large font for easier reading, this e-book is available in 3 formats: EPUB, MOBI and PDF.
It will equip you with the essential knowledge and techniques to make beautiful visual enhancements for your site. Here at WDL we like to keep you inspired and updated with nice and interesting information. Elegant black slides, simple illustrations and clean type are used to teach designers at the conference about making informed design decisions while being creative. It ends up being a pitch for a certain CMS (though I don’t think he’s affiliated) but the humor in slide 8 should not go unnoticed. I heard so much about this book which is why I got it but hope it will help us and other fellow web designers out there in the hustle. It turns out people really like their PDF’s, but unfortunately, that group of free books only had online HTML versions. All platforms are able to gain access and read PDF formatting.Web site Design is a very important part of Graphic Design.

There are now plenty of good e-books available that will provide you with tips and examples to help you get into and flourish in web design. Some are also available in multiple formats, so you can read them on your laptop, e-book reader, tablet, or smartphone. Meet Your Type will help you overcome common obstacles, and keep your heart thumping for your one true love: typography. This book gives you practical industry examples and studies which expose the effects of performance on the bottom line.
It expresses, in short-order, the concepts essential to intermediate and advanced jQuery development.
Simple, to the point, and not wordy; plus the circles that aren’t circles are visually interesting as well. So I set out on a quest to find more free books for web designers, but this time I made sure each had a PDF version.
Designing community always require useful resources and new techniques to bring innovation in their designs.
From classics that you know to new presentations transformed in pdf files, we have 11 files for you. View InformationPixel Perfect PrecisionA comprehensive handbook on digital design covering much of our collective knowledge and process.
View InformationLogo Design Guide View InformationPocket Guide to Writing SVGScalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics in XML. The book addresses topics including UX design, UI design, optical illusions, and human psychology.
View InformationDesigning for the WebDesigning for the web is different than designing for any other medium.
View Information10 Step Checklist for Your Website Redesign View InformationEssential Career Advice for Developers View InformationMagic of CSSThe Magic of CSS is an ebook that will familiarize you with a lot of the trickiest aspects of CSS.
It includes chapters on the box model, layout, tables, colour, typography and transitions, and does include interactive examples.This book is written by Adam Schwartz.
View InformationFree E Book – Web UI Best PracticesLearn the theory and practice of web UI design from industry leaders and top companies. In this book he gives designers step-by-step instructions on how to achieve Transition from full-time to self-employment, Freelance on the side to make additional income, Find new clients and keep them coming back for more, Market your freelance business, Manage your projects professionally, and Price your services appropriately. View InformationDesign Your ImaginationDesign Your Imagination is a complete and comprehensive guide on website design suitable for freshers and expert web designers.
The book has been written by some of most seasoned professionals and is divided into 28 comprehensive chapters. Addy Osmani wrote this mini-book because he felt that patterns were an area a lot of new and intermediate JavaScript developers may not have had a chance to explore just yet and I’m hopeful my book will encourage you to check them out as they can be quite powerful.
View InformationHTML 5  WTFFrom Simon Schoeters, the author: Yet another overview of the changes introduced by HTML5.
View InformationGuide to Guerrilla Freelancing ebookThe best articles from Gurilla Freelancing  that will help guide new freelancers in the right direction as well as give them insight into the benefits and drawbacks of freelance life, some things you must be aware of as well as some guerrilla marketing tactics to get them going.

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