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Although a site with complex functionality still requires the skilled mind of professional designers and developers, it’s never been easier to construct your own basic site with clear informational content and a sharp look and feel.
Wix offers a range of template designs, easy editing features, social media integration and push-button publishing.
They can rest easy for now, as Wix still only allow users to create sites with limited functionality.
If you’re willing to get your hands dirty “under the hood” – that is, to get stuck into the HTML code of a site – then the Coffee Cup HTML editor is a fantastic choice. Moonfruit is an ambition website creation tool and aims to service both static web design and e-commerce store creation across multiple platforms. They boldly claim that you can “Start selling in 10 minutes”, which may be a little far-fetched for even the more tech savvy among us, but their interface is certainly very lean and user-friendly. Like Shopify, their interface keeps you well away from the raw HTML and CSS, although you can get stuck into it if you like. The site creation itself is drag-and-drop, and as with other options, Weebly offers a basic free version alongside several premium subscription plans that come with options for custom branding, expanded site statistics and premium support. These are just a sample of what’s out there – we hope to see even more exciting free website creation tools come on the scene as the technology continues to progress.
Shopify is a wonderful subscription-based product that lets you put together an E-commerce store with the minimum of hassle.
On the face of it, e-commerce appears almost incompatible with free website creation – the customisation and back-end functionality seem to necessitate a dedicated developer. However, Shopify have done an excellent job and their service is smooth, lean and reliable, enabling you to get an attractive and functional online store up and running quickly in true bootstrapped fashion.
Customisable storefronts, streamlined options for adding products, and an easy-to-use administrator’s interface help to make Shopify a world-class e-commerce setup tool. Scott Adams is a contributor to Study Now, Australia’ biggest directory of online educational courses, you can view the website here. New Era CommunicatorsWelcome to The Practice, a creative digital and marketing agency that has been created to serve the needs of today’s businesses. The digital sector has become one of the most important aspects of any company’s marketing strategy. We are specialists in brand strategy and brand implementation, driving responses and creating sales quickly. Creative VisionariesFrom travel and leisure, consumer electronics, finance, property and retail to the public sector, we’ve been successfully delivering integrated campaigns since 1990. Since 1994 we have been present and active in every stage of development of the digital world since its birth all those years ago. Reputation BuildersAs you can tell from our ‘client list’, we do not restrict ourselves to any one sector and, more importantly, we are not afraid of a challenge.

That is why we are perfectly positioned to deliver our clients a tailormade marketing strategy that provides solutions to ‘their’ challenges.
Whether it be a small start-up business or a large corporation that requires a fresh marketing campaign, we at The Practice believe that there is no task too small or too great.
Change MakersThe Practice has developed an industry-leading digital marketing team of experienced professionals to cover all key marketing disciplines.
Our team has led the way on some extraordinary marketing campaigns, all of which have been success stories.
Here at The Practice, we understand that in today’s world, a website is often at the heart of a business. Our websites cover a range of platforms including large CMS (Content Management System) Ecommerce sites, all of which are engineered to be flexible and delivered on demand. We advise all our clients to have CMS capabilities on all their website and we offer support and training to all our clients with this aspect. User-Friendly Website Platforms – Design, Creation and Maintenance Simplified You are using an outdated browser. If you do not have the knowledge and the experience needed, the development, design and maintenance of your website will present a significant hit to your budget.
This course was created in order to provide beginner as well as experienced website creators a template for creating beautiful, well organized and optimized websites very quickly. Experienced web designers might get more than a little worried when they see the ease with which complete amateurs can create classy looking sites.
A handy split-screen tool lets you see both your HTML and your webpage side by side, so you can easily tweak code and see the immediate results. They offer a free version, along with a paid service aimed at business owners and people with meaty passion projects, priced according to three tiers of monthly subscriptions.
Their focus is ease of use, and the site builder leads you by the hand through their “Plan, Create, Publish, Grow” process. Click here to find out about Study Now’s Sales and Marketing courses, which help you put your best foot forward and close the deal, both online and offline. While not completely free, there is no charge for 14 days, and then offers you various monthly payment options.
In additional to writing for Study Now, Scott is a keen amateur photographer and marathon runner.
We deliver innovative, professional and highly functional websites that represent our clients businesses to the highest level. And an intuitive file structure management system lets you order and organise your pages in an intuitive, logical way. The whole process is done by basic drag and drop – you can remove, add and customize the elements on the page to form the website concept which suits your demands.

This course is priced very affordably and anyone interested in creating their own website should consider enrolling. Our design team has over 25 years of experience in creating brands and websites with a difference. This is highly recommended for SMBs and individuals that are in need of a website without having to invest large sums from their budget.BloggerBlogger is a blog publishing service designed and launched by Google in 2003. Using Predictive Analytics 47 Image: GDPR: Do You Know What Data Protection Breaches Could Cost You? If you are an individual who is interested in sharing your life stories, fresh information from a specific niche or discuss specific topics – this is the best solution for you. The creation, customization and the maintenance of your blog is user-friendly and totally free – the only thing you need is an idea and a Google account and you can start your work. However, when it comes to business and e-commerce, Blogger is an asset, but it still cannot compare to a website as the cornerstone of your online marketing campaign. Whether you are an individual, an international company and a world known brand or a simple starting SMB in need to be heard of, using the web as your medium for reaching out to people may be your best choice.However, creating a website is not an easy thing, as it may seem to some. It is meant for the people with ideas who like to share, discuss and engage in the current topic – not for commercial purposes.So, based on your perspectives and active budgets, which category do you belong to?
The first, the most complex and the most essential step in website creation is forming the concept of it.
There are various influential factors which need to be determined before you jump to domain registration and website setup.
You need to come up with a plan, a graphical concept of you website and here are the questions you need answered for achieving this:What is the purpose of this website? Based on the determined factors, you can opt for a specific platform and fit it within the boundaries of your budget. This is probably the best solution for a website because of its multi-functionality and wide spread usage.
However, although it covers all fine aspects of design and development in a single customizable and upgradable theme which can be regularly updated and maintained, it still requires intermediate knowledge in coding and design software to compile the set-up process.
There is a majority of plugins that can help you overcome almost any functionality issue, but they also come with a great number of compatibility problems.

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