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Published: 01.12.2014. Category: Music Tattoo Designs

Dang… They look like those little worms that were dangling from my trees a month ago. Tattoo Nightmares Sasha Majette, Staff WriterFebruary 10, 2013Filed under Movies and Television“Tattoo Nightmares” is a reality television show starring former Yonkers resident Jasmine Rodriguez. After first date with infamous tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz (same guy who did the 56 stars), this young lady decided to get his name tattooed on her face.
Associate Managing EditorShantal Marshall is from Brooklyn, New York and majors in journalism at Mercy College.

The show follows  Rodriguez and her colleagues as they work in a tattoo parlor that specializes in covering up bad tattoos. The young woman in the picture first claimed she tattoo was done against her will while she was asleep. Turns out she wanted the tattoo and when her parents found out she made up a story and got a man deported. Although tattoos are considered mainstream and personal, there remains to be a stigma associated with bad ink.

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