Trailer is from another boat but has been stripped and repainted and has new wiring and lights.
Also includes two seats, two Scotty manual downriggers with two mounts (one is not mounted on the boat), a Hummingbird Wide Eye fish finder and battery, fuel tank and a ram mount for accessories. Great classic 71 Valco 12 foot aluminum fishing boat comes with trailer wired with lights, 10 hp early 60's Johnson and tank that work great, new cushions and extra storage made. Thanks for the update and info!I thought your seat mounts went all te way down flush because of this picture.I assume that they do not? No problem - I think it took me around 1 month to do most of the work (working every eve for a few hours) and some on weekends.The 12 footer is a tad small but works out great.
With wifey I can hit 19 mph (by GPS), with my buddie a bit slower as he's got a few more lbs on her.
The boat has a brand new 2 tone paint with truck bed liner on the bottom half to increase durability. The boat has a new 2 tone paint with truck bed liner on the bottom half to increase durability.

I keep going back and forth in my mind between a raised deck in the front (like yours) or to just deck the front even with the middle. The front deck is at the same height as the front bench and I didn't go any higher to keep the CG a bit lower. I haven't ran it solo but I'd guess around 20ish.Buddie and I fished the CA Delta all day today and we had no issues with both of us standing while bass fishing. If I had to do it again - I'd keep them at the same height, but maybe make them a bit longer.
I've built storage on the left side in the middle of the boat and have started working on the same storage for the right.
I was going to get a trolling motor but the box was a little to big to put on the back of my motorcycle. Since I'm essentially pulling my boat out of 6 year storage I don't have the sea legs I used to and I'm probably overly concerned with stability, but your set up looks really similar to what I'd like to do so I thought I'd ask.Thanks in advance! The boat will dip about 4 inches when I stand near the outside but I'm pretty agile so I never really think about it.

So i went home and used the rest of the cards online and having it shipped to me Im super excited!
Heavy hooksets will get some rocking, but I'll lean against the seat like a post so it's not as bad I guess. I am also getting a trailer sometime in the next few weeks from a friend and will be modifying it a little to make it work with this boat. Here is how i got her.I started By filling her up with water to see if there are any leaks.
Eventually my plan is to make a live well in the middle, make storage compartments, put a marine radio in the front, trolling motor in front and a couple chairs.

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