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Use the form below to delete this Source More Custom Welded Aluminum Boats Boat Building And Design image from our index. SIMPLICITY 20' Following along the same lines as her smaller sister, this cruiser is an ultra simple boat with plenty of space and performance for her size. I've purchased several sets of study plans from S-F over the years and one set of build plans. I don't like the flush deck all the way to the stem so I would give it a foredeck, and break down the rig into two sails, either yawl, ketch, or schooner, although a schooner rig might be hard to balance with the hull's lateral resistance.
It sounds interesting, but I don't put a lot of credence in products with poor reviews or fake ones. I wasn't looking at his offer for the boat i want to build, necessarily, but just wondered about the offer.

As has been said here many times before you joined, the cost of the plans is the least of your worries in building a boat, and the true cost of that 'bumper bundle' is the time you'll waste poring over it before throwing it all away and, I hope, researching your needs a bit more and dealing with a reputable designer or source. But just a comment on the 500 plan cd; you'll find that most of the plans are not what you are looking for. Decide what your needs really are, how and where you'll use the boat, then read up on the different construction techniques commonly used today and choose the one that appeals to you. I don't know about where you are located but around here that kind of boat is available on Craigslist all the time. Plus, it's not like I'm talking about making a 30 foot house boat, I'm talking about a 12-14 foot boat, simplistic. However, if you have no boat building knowledge or experience and no books to refer to, you'd be better off spending a little more on a modern plan that you won't have to adapt or modify. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. Have study plans for Evening and White Swan so far but not Black Swan, which feels just a bit outside the size range I need. Sorry if this topic has been talked about, I tried the search engine here and couldn't find it (and tried the suggested route of using google + web address).
I've toyed with the idea of buying plans for years now, but I'm cheap and lazy when it comes to going through with it. Do the plans include construction details and other detailed drawings necessary for a beginner to actually build a boat or are these basically just study plans or plans for someone who is already an experienced boat builder and so does not need much in the way of construction plans. Are there plans from well-know current designers or are these all either old plans (fine as long as you don't mind using traditional construction methods) or plans from someone who fancies himself a boat designer but has no track record.
Are the plans large enough to be readable and usable for building a boat or are these plans that are the size that might be published in a book. Just be aware that you will still have to fill in more of the details from other sources whereas a really good set of plans aimed at a beginner will have more of the details spelled out (and you can typically contact the designer if you have questions).
Combine your needs with your preferred construction method and choose a set of plans from there.
I'm not interesting in spending a lot of money now on something vs spending a fair amount over time. If the CD was $5 or $7 it might be worth it, but at that price, you're sure to be disappointed. There are also some free plans on the internet that might be worth considering, but there are also free plans that are worth exactly what you're paying for them. Construction simply involves fixing pre-shaped side panels to ply frames, adding chine and gunwale stringers on the outside and then applying a double thickness of ply to the bottom.

The dory is another one that has my interest as I'm in the market for a quick build small boat with enough seaworthiness to take off shore or at least make long coastal passages.
The more I looked into this product (Martin Reid is the author), the less about it I really found. And with that youtube video, you could see links to the original version of the boat being built. Almost certainly they are not plans from well-know current designers since such folks are unlikely to license their plans to such a person. I've got lots of books with plans in them but they are so small that the words and numbers are typically unreadable. Other pre-shaped pieces are then added before fixing a ply ballast box filled with scrap iron and cement. I was going to build a Chebacco but changed my mind after reading instructions like 'build mast'. And all of the reviews followed the same format, describing the product, how many plans you get, the bonus's, etc.
Also a boat you build yourself, as a beginner, is not a boat you are going to be able to sell for much of anything. Many plan cd ads I've seen are just a collection of the free plans available online--somewhere.
You'll find a large variety of plans for all sorts of boats all designed for amateur builders ( many of which will probably be found on that CD you're talking about). Centreboard or bilge keels may be fitted and she has 4 berths, space for a galley and wc and a handy gunter rig. I thought I had decided on one of the Swan boats but the cabin room in Simplicty or the dory is hard to resist, too. So, you are going to put a lot of money and work into this boat and you are going to have it for quite a while unless you give it away. So, I would start by thinking about what boat you want and find the right plans (and plans aimed at beginners) rather than building the boat you can get the plans for cheaply.
There are lots of good plans out there for under $100 and as noted by the previous poster there are also free plans available, although again I would be inclined to be cautious about free plans since they are less likely to have been drawn by someone with a lot of experience.

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