For over 50 years Cobia has been envolving, with improvements that turned it into the ultimate family recreation boat. Our 18 foot center console fisherman is the best value for your money and is comparable to any other model in features, hull design and quality finish. The Maritime 18 Defiant is one of the latest additions to Maritime Marine’s line of 14-to 25-foot powerboats. The standard for Maritime’s dry riding, stable, seaworthy, fuel-efficient hulls, the 18 Defiant now has available all the features wanted by the avid fisherman with the comforts necessary for family fun. Starting with the 1890 hull, the company’s most popular model since its introduction in 1992, the design team improved this “big” 18-footer with its well-proportioned center console and comfortable leaning post by adding a stylish wraparound deck and moving the fuel tank below the floor to provide increased storage space. Typical of Maritime’s entire product line, the 18 Defiant planes easily with modest horsepower.
The 18 Defiant continues the Maritime tradition of rugged durability and ease of maintenance. Click on the link below to learn more about the 18 Defiant’s impressive fuel efficient performance.

With center consoles now surpassing 50 feet in length there’s virtually no day in Florida you can’t fish comfortably offshore. When Maverick Boat Company, manufacturers of Maverick, Hewes and Pathfinder, the nation’s most respected builder of light tackle fishing boats acquired Cobia, we set out to do more than just maintain that history. Every DUSKY is constructed with more hand laid fiberglass than any other boat in its class. Starting with premium raw materials, the solid fiberglass hulls are reinforced with a molded fiberglass grid system bonded to the hull for strength and rigidity which is then fully foamed for flotation and “unsinkability”. Choosing the right boat for you is going to be more difficult than choosing the days you can fish. The 18 center console is not only an affordable boat but global shipping is included in the price tag.
A long list of rail, cushion, canvas, and fishing options are also available to further customize your Maritime to meet your individual needs.
Combine these features with a solid composite cored transom, which has never experienced a failure since the first Maritime was built, and you start to appreciate the strength, safety, and reliability of these boats.

So what started out as an evolution of a brand has become a true revolution in boat building. For under $15,000.00 , with your own engine, you can get out on the water fishing the days away for less than just about any other brand name. Importantly, this superior performance, made possible by the hull’s 35? bow deadrise, the wide chines, perfectly positioned lifting strakes, and relatively shallow 10? aft deadrise, also comes with an ability to comfortably take on choppy seas and rough weather while still sneaking through shallow water due to the boat’s minimal 9? draft. And finally choose a boat company that most likely will be around to service your boat after you buy it, like the ones featured here.
This has resulted in dramatically improved Cobias from stern to stern, with a combination of fishing features and creature comforts that will set the standard for years to come.
Our 18 sport center console delivers performance of larger boats but with half the horse power, half the fuel but all the fun and features a fisherman needs.

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