I notice that some guys upgrade their Jon boats with flat decks and carpet, and they look really cool. I have a 10 month old daughter and my wife and I are thinking of a small boat to take out on the weekends. If you plan to fish primarily small lakes and ponds such as pay-to-fish and electric-only, the jon boat will do fine.
If you are going to use larger lakes where you might encounter large boat wakes and wind-blown waves you would be better served using a v-hull. Don't overlook the foam-filled plastic coated boats available at big box sports stores like Bass Pro, Academy & Cabelas. Jon boats might lend themselves better for modification due to the flat floors and bench seats. I would say the may factor in a jon boats stability is the amount of surface area it puts on the water. If you buy a boat that has a V bottom it will rock around in the water more but it will not wear you out as fast as a flat bottom boat if there is any chop.
A V bottom boat when getting some water in it, becomes more stable because the water collects in the middle of the V bottom.

I'm all in for a 14' or bigger semi v, the boat gets up and goes is stable can handle rough water unlike a flat bottom and in those time when the wind whips up you're more likely to stay dry I've had a semi v for 30 years 3 different ones and to be quite frank the flat bottom jons I've been in are noisy in chop so no sneekin up on the fish that day. Again, no matter what some egocentric boater may try to convince you, THERE IS NO *BEST* BOAT.
The two loudest sounds are a gun that goes bang when it is supposed to go click and one that goes click when it is supposed to go bang. I see you go back to the days of the Ozark Tail Nail, which, by the way was invented not too far from here. What would you recomend as the most stable type for a guy who is overly concerned with safety? A guy down the street has a fiberglass bass boat tfor sale that looks new, he said he paid 14K for it and will sell it for 8K. Mine is referred to as a backtroller and I'm out on the mighty tidal Delaware river with large cargo ships passing by and can tell you stability is excellent. My brother years ago had one and it spun around alot till him and a friend built a spring loaded rudder to help it track straight . If you are wanting to go fishing with a growing family, a 12 foot jon boat won't last very long; they are only rated to carry a little under 300#, is only 32" wide and is rated for a 3 hp engine.

You'll see that some build better boat and have been doing it that way for years, and that tells you what used boat to look for. I use a canoe some for setting limblines or casting but wind moves it alot, Sure is easy to paddle . The motor runs and starts good and has had a tune up along with a new propeller installed prior to the 2011 duck season. I haul mine with a Mercury tracer which is a really small 4 cylinder car without a problem. I work at bass pro and from what I have heard from people I should upgrade to a 16ft to solve the stability problem and be able to fish open water a little more(which I do a lot). It's heavier than the other plastic boats because it's made out of polyethylene, not the same as plastic that will crack and bust.

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