Welcome to another Hooniverse Motorboat Mondays, a series that will run in conjunction with Modern Art Mondays. Buried deep within the website Fiberglassics, a site that documents classic fiberglass boats, the Red Fish Boat Company was founded in 1957 by H.A.
Take a look at this example: This is being offered by the Antique Boat Center, in Cincinnati, Ohio.
The asking price for this over-the-top runabout is $10,500, and it seems to be about right given the time and materials to put this piece of Americana back into this condition, but would you ever consider it? I thought Draper's Ex was super-cute, plus she had that extra bonus trait of being completely bat-sh*t crazy.

Walters and his brother Herman Walters in the little community of Clarksville, Texas, which is about 60 miles west of Texarcana.
Everything I drew, from space-ships to motorcycles to superheros had those very same wings. Of course it needs to be hauled by a '57 Chrysler, or a Chevy Cameo, with matching paint. So, is a 53 year old, fiberglass boat, complete with over the top 1950’s kitsch worthy of being on Hooniverse?
Without getting too much into the history of the company The Walters’ began their boating enterprise by building and selling molded and paneled plywood boats, brought in an expert in fiberglass production that would get this fledgling boat works modernized with this new plastic material, and they were selling.

They featured a balsa core hull that was extremely rigid for 1958 production, and in late 1958 Redfish discontinued wood boat production in favor of the better selling fiberglass boats.

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