On this page we shall be providing links to news and photos of Deben 4-Tonners around the world.
Our original tracings of the Deben 4-Tonner are so fragile that printing from them would be very difficult. This is basically the same process that would have been carried out full size on the loft floor at Whisstocks in 1936.
The photograph to the left is of Claude Whisstock and Ted Marsh (Ted is at the helm) sailing the Deben 4-Tonner Cyrelia, Yard No. Existing members will be able to see and download these recreated plans from their design portfolio. We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.

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I am an experienced static ship model builder and just finished my first RC power boat - Legend's Jersey Speed Skiff.
Views: 229 Lower left corner is the April, 1973 Model Builder, which contained the original Pea Pod article. Lenght is about one foot, she is - obviously - made of wood, and her sailing performances are delightful.
I stumbled across Tippecanoe boats website after also looking for a wooden rc yacht kit, and theirs was pretty much the only one I found that did a full kit. A very thorough coverage of this boat, which is very easy to build, is available from Model Yachting, Issue Number 160.

Blake, over 40 of these robust little sail boats were built by the yard over a period of twenty years. The kits come with everything that you need to build the boat except the paint and batteries. Will also has a T52 which looks like both the T27 and T37 and the price is great also T27 at $225 and the T37 at $265.

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