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I towed yesterday to boat ramp (24 miles round trip) with my 1997 Dodge 1500 4x4 with auto.
If you end up taking more pictures for an interested buyer do you think you could take a picture of the captain seat slide mechanism?
Has an aluminum tandem axle trailer that has been almost completely rebuilt, new bearings, hubs, bunks, carpet, tires, wheels, wiring, and LED lights.

Trailer is not registered, but could be registered as a home made trailer;I am taking it 8-23-12 to be inspected by Highway Patrol to be registered. Boat has been refurbed, and though it is old school technology, Mercruiser 188's are very reliable, as well as dependable Alpha 1's. Also, I have a Marine survey from 2003 and have a very recently done survey dated 8-15-2012; this was done for insurance purposes. Trailer has been refurbished also, new hubs, bearings, wheels,tires, wiring, LED lights, and coupler(2 inch).

Performed August, 15, 2012 by Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Marine Surveyors and Consultants, Inc.

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