The Voyageur series of three models, each seventeen feet, ten inches in length, are brand new models and a brand new series for Alumacraft for 2014 and are three of ten new models for this company.
These ten new models are part of a huge lineup of over ninety models from ten foot flat bottom Jon boats to over twenty foot deep-V boats that the Alumacraft® Boat Co. This new Voyageur series is part of Alumacraft’s Deep-V Sport segment which includes its Trophy, Dominator, Competitor, and Tournament series from sixteen to over twenty feet. Aside from the centre-mounted in-floor pedestal seat base, the bow casting deck is almost all covered storage compartments including large ones on both the port and starboard sides plus a centre compartment between the consoles large enough not only for the intended trolling motor battery but for additional items as well.
In the world of flash and dash fishing boats it’s easy to get caught up in fancy bells and whistles, metal flake paint and high horsepower.
At 16 feet 4 inches, with a modest 82 inch beam it’s the quintessential 16 foot fishing package.
New for 2016 the 165 Sport is an addition to the the 165 family that already includes a side console and a tiller model. The model I saw at the Toronto International Boat Show was shown with the optional vinyl rear casting platform that had hidden below it, a pair of seats that flipped up with one solid motion.
There are grab handles for these seats on each of the gunnels and in front of those you will find storage on each side.
The helm on the Classic 165 Sport is well appointed with a gauge cluster to the left of the wheel and to the right is a single row of system switches mounted on a slight angle upward to ease in accessibility. Heading to the bow through the walk through windshield you will find first the massive 34 gallon livewell. All in all this is very much a what you see is what you get fishing boat, that said I think it’s going to be a very popular addition to the Classic 165 line-up.

Description: This 2013 Alumacraft Competitor 165 is a spacious fishing machine equipped with everything you need to go out and catch some fish.
These three Voyageur models include the 175 CS side console, the 175 Tiller, and the 175 Sport, a dual console, full walk-through windshield model and subject of this review. It seems that if there’s space available on board, then Alumacraft has made it available and dedicated to covered storage. Immediately ahead of the driver’s console is another in-floor compartment, and opposite it, just ahead of the passenger console is a built-in, in-floor cooler. Rod storage boxes are located along each side of the cockpit and each is capable of storing six 8-foot rods. The truth behind these is that most dealers only sell a couple of those boats a year and it’s boats like the Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport that they sell by the truckload - and for good reason. And with a dry weight of 955 pounds you could tow it on a single axle trailer behind your bicycle.
Adding the second console and the full walk through is a smart move, especially for the Canadian fishing climate.
An uncomplicated design these seats will be great for extra guests and also just opens up the cockpit floor a bit more. The gunnels are not flush with the topside, they’re set in a little lower which I like because realistically you will find yourself at docks that will be a little higher than the 165 Sport so these will be aide with exiting the boat. What this helm layout does is opens up a ton of space for Graphs, as that’s most important to any angler. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing more of these out on the lakes in 2016 and get to your dealer to make sure you’re the first one in!

The boat comes with a MinnKota Power Drive V2 Trolling Motor, Hummingbird 386ci Fish Finder, MinnKota Vantage Transom Mounted Trolling Motor, Rod Holders, Spare Prop, and much more!
And you can never have too much storage on any boat, let alone a boat tailored for fishing.
Open storage is located beneath each of the two consoles and the passenger console provides a lockable glove box. The aft raised casting deck features a portside 19-gallon (72- litre) lit aerated livewell with timer, a starboard side battery storage compartment, and an off-centre in-floor pedestal seat base. Our fishermen(and women) are hardcore and you will often find smallmouth bass anglers stretching the season out to the end of November.
And with the modest price tag that this boat comes with you can spoil yourself with the upgraded graph, because hey you have the room for it! There is a bait bucket spot as well.Flanking the center seat base are two storage hatches to tuck away any unneeded gear.
These models include a vast selection of dual console, side console, centre console, tiller, utility, crappie, and Jon boats plus aluminum canoes.
The bow section of the Voyageur 175 Sport is almost completely dedicated to storage compartments starting with the area beneath the large raised bow platform built to handle a selection of optional Minn Kota trolling motors.

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