I have no hesitation in recommending this seaworthy, safe, versatile, manageable, small boat for beach, or ramp launching in fresh or salt water.
I’m very happy with the boat – it does everything that I want it to and its so easy to launch and clean! FREWZA boats are designed and built to the highest standard, incorporating high grade materials with excellent craftsmanship.
If ever there was a demonstration of an Invercargill man’s workmanship, the miraculous rescue of three Tokelauan boys found adrift after 50 days at sea in one of his boats must be it. Frews Marine owner Brendon Frew, who builds aluminium boats at his Otatara business, was flabbergasted like people the world over with news the teenagers were hauled aboard the Sanford tuna boat San Nikunau on Wednesday. We also offer an extensive range of marine accessories, make us your one-stop shop for all your boating requirements. Brendon – owner, designer and builder of FREWZA boats is a very experienced and skilled engineer, with 20 years in the boat building and engineering industry.

Hi Brendon and Kirsten, Thought I’d drop you a quick note to say that the best nautical event in Cambridge occurred today with the safe arrival this morning of our F16 Fisher. Hi Kirsten, I have just picked up the boat and even though this is my second Frewza my expectation have again been exceeded. Traditionally, pontoon boats had a reputation for being very flat in the bow sections, but not so the F14 Fisher. Stability at rest is excellent and the hull at speed is easily driven, having positive tracking and quick response to helm changes. I often get positive comments at the boat ramp and get plenty of people asking me about the boat. I have already purchased (or may I say imported) 12 Frewza dinghies in the last 2 years and my insistence to maintain with your good company is because we are exceptionally happy with your quality and value for money boat. Our aluminum pontoon boats are unrivalled in stability and durability and with our level of workmanship and design the FREWZA are second to none.

A true love for boats and all water sports has allowed Brendon to produce great boats for the rest of us. We have been out just about every weekend since it was delivered and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment we have been on the water. The lost of our 3 young Tokelauan boys in the open ocean on one of these boats, a merely 4.1m size Frewza dinghy and later found after 50days off Fiji is an unbelievable miracle.
The F14 Fisher, like all the Frewza boats, has three separate air compartments in the pontoons and a separate sealed underfloor compartment, which makes it virtually unsinkable!

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