Location: Salisbury, NC Aluminum Boat Fabricator Just as a brief intro, my name is Brad Taylor and for the past 6 years I have been building wooden duck boats. I've also got a few other designs drawn up that I'm planning on starting construction within the next 6 months. With that being said, I would be looking for someone that can do quality work and preferably someone that shares the same passions for the outdoors. Location: bremerton duck boats Hey brad, just stumbled across your post. Location: bremerton echo Thanks for the support and I leave you with a quote. Wish you lived here on the right coast Its definitely still a dream of mine, I love teaching but hate the bs political crap that comes along with it.

Location: Holbrook NY you want to take your design and turn them in CAD files. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
All the quality welders and fabricators i know dotted all over the world are just that, always employed or being poached.
I am a boat builder to the core and have honed my skills at 2 of the most notorious aluminum boat shops on the west coast. At present, a buddy and I with the same skills, have gone freelance so we are looking at anything and everything on our way to running our own outfit.
Something like your boats should take about week to build after a solid build proccess is established.

Safeboats, who push out a turnkey 25 foot coastgaurd response vessel with an enclosed cabin and outboards all in house at a rate of one per day with about 200 employees, wont pay a guy more then 25 bucks an hour after years of employment.
I recently did a repair job in alaska through Allen Marine and they charged the guy nearly 70 a man hour. My buddy and I got in good with the costomer and we all went over the bill when it was complete. With a decent tig machine and mig setup being your biggest expense you could build your boat with a skillsaw, bandsaw, and a few air tools.

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