Founded in 2008, SMI Marine was originally a marine repair facility launched as an expansion of our parent company, St.
SMI Marine is the foremost authority on service, repair and maintenance for motorized boats. Owning a boat comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility, including caring and maintaining your watercraft to ensure its continued quality and function.
Far and above just providing the area’s finest boat repair in Louisville, KY, SMI Marine is also well renowned for our selection of new and used boats for sale. SMI Marine is a proud dealer of Starcraft Pontoons, Starcraft Aluminum Fishing Boats, Xpress Boats, as well as the area’s exclusive Legend Boats dealer.
Salt Lake City, UT: The State of Utah Division of Natural Resources operates this 30a€™ Munson as a fisheries research trawler for conducting biological assessments. Salt Lake City, UT: The State of Utah Division of Wildlife uses their 30a€™ Munson as a high speed patrol boat on Great Salt Lake. Ketchikan, AK: Southeast Alaska is home to many Munson landing craft including this 30a€™ Sport model.
New Hogan Dam, CA: The US Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District uses their 30a€™ Packcat for transporting equipment & crew, fire fighting, maintaining aids to navigation, and clearing debris for New Hogan Dam. Marina del Rey, CA: Los Angeles County Department of Beaches & Harbors is responsible for keeping its world-renowned coastline clean and safe, particularly during inclement weather, flooding, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, oil spills and other emergencies.
Seattle, WA: The 520 floating bridge across Lake Washington is the longest floating bridge in the world carrying over 115,000 vehicles each day.
Portland, OR: The Multnomah County Sheriff's River Patrol Unit provides safe commercial and recreational access and passage to the country's 5th largest port, and 110 miles of waterways along the Columbia River, Willamette River, and Sandy River. Burnaby, BC: Western Canada Marine Response Corporation maintains an extensive inventory of the most sophisticated spill response equipment available today. Louisville, KY: This 30' Packcat supports the United States Air Force 123rd STS maritime operations including diving, water jumps, RAMZ jumps, search and rescue, and emergency response. Charleston, SC: The Charleston Sheriff's Office Marine Patrol Division provides port security, escorts foreign flag vessels into and out of Charleston Harbor, as well as assisting boaters in distress. Portland, OR: This 30' Packcat supports the United States Air Force 304th RQS maritime operations including diving, water jumps, RAMZ jumps, search and rescue, and emergency response. Bonny River, Nigeria: Exxon Mobil Bonny River Petroleum Terminal services East Area offshore petroleum drilling rigs.
Ninilchik, AK: The Ninilchik Native Association had a need oversee use of the land it owns on both sides of Cook Inlet. Queen Charlotte Island, BC : Highlander Marine Services Ltd (HMS) provides fast, efficient and economical transport in all types of marine support services. Bay City, MI: The discharge of pollution into Detroit's Lower Rouge River is now controlled by Michigan's wastewater permitting program. Louisville, KY: The Louisville District Army Corps of Engineers performs hydrographic surveys in the Ohio River to monitor water quality.

Portsmouth, NH: As a working harbor, Portsmouth has a proud heritage spanning 400 years of service to the shipping community. Middle East: These 34a€™ military landing craft incorporate a 23a€™ long cargo deck with removable seating for 20 troops, rubber deck matting and side doors for diving operations.
Cameroon, West Africa: The Cameroon Special Forces Rapid Intervention Battalion is responsible for boarder protection and the defense of public petroleum interests on the Bakassi peninsula. Mediterranean Sea: This Special Forces transport craft is designed to pack 7 tons at 30 knots and built to ABS Classification. Cameroon, West Africa: Cameroon is blessed with gorgeously calm waters off its 400 km shoreline. Seattle, WA: The Arctic Survey Boat, or ASB, is a small boat carried on the Polar Class icebreaker CGC Healy. Just like any investment, boats require specialized attention, which is why SMI Marine is proud to offer the gamut of boat repair and maintenance services for virtually any motorboat. Because we truly understand our industry, you can be assured that our inventory only includes top of the line models from industry leading names, including new boats from Legend and Starcraft, as well as used boats from Xpress, Ranger, Larson and Stratos.
In addition, the River Patrol Unit provides law enforcement and search & rescue services to all rivers, lakes, shorelines and islands in Multnomah County. It is their mandate to ensure preparedness and protection during oil spills and environmental incidents.
It is capable of operating at night in extreme weather conditions and swift contaminated water. The company has grown to include four offices with projects all over Alaska and Western Washington. Johns River near Sanford transporting equipment and fuel to county raw water pump stations on a canal. Committed to environmental protection and safety, the Exxon Bonny River terminal operates an extensive fleet of incident response equipment.
With 70,000 acres on the inlet's east side and claim to more than 100,000 acres on the west side, the Native association had been challenged to monitor who was where and what they were up to. With a deep natural harbor and river, Portsmouth is one of the oldest working ports in the United States. Coast Guard Icebreakers Healy, Polar Sea and Polar Star operate four "LCVP" (Landing Craft Vehicle - Personnel) as tenders and research platforms during polar exploration missions. During the 2010 summer mission the ASB was frequently used by NASA researchers to collect optical information in the undisturbed water away from the ship. The MTT 650 hp turbines were mated to Mercury Speed master stern drives to deliver Special Forces submersibles at 50 mph. By 2011, the company saw an opportunity to bring the sought-out brand Legend Bass Boats to Louisville and officially entered the marine sales market. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you be a responsible boat owner from the initial purchase of your watercraft, through the various services it’ll need over its lifetime.

Our capabilities regarding marine repair in Louisville, KY include: inboard and outboard engine repair and maintenance, electrical repairs, fiberglass and gelcoat body repairs, as well as stem drive, V-drive and direct drive repairs and maintenance.
Their 30' Munson provides security protection to moorages, marinas, and houseboat communities, and responds to life-threatening calls for service, such as boat collisions, drownings, missing persons, and environmental hazards. It is also used to support local authorities in the Ohio Valley disaster preparedness plans.
It is also used to support local authorities in the Pacific Northwest's disaster preparedness plans. 3-D bottom-viewing sonar allows the safe maneuvering of the rock-strewn shallows off the inlet's west shore. The EPA Research Vessel Mudpuppy II is a shallow draft vessel specifically designed for studies to determine the nature and extent of contaminated sediment in the Great Lakes basin. Outfitting includes a 26" side door an 8 Kw generator, tinted wheelhouse windows, dual wheelhouse air conditioners, bow and stern anchor windlasses and removable foredeck storage lockers. The Cameroon Special Forces Rapid Intervention Battalion commissioned 9 high speed interception craft to give the pirates a real run for their money. Turbine power was chosen to satisfy the Navy requirement that all equipment aboard military ships must transition from gasoline (a more volatile fuel than diesel). Today, SMI Marine is a proud dealer of Starcraft Pontoons, Starcraft Aluminum Fishing Boats, Xpress Boats, as well as the areas exclusive Legend Boats dealer. We also happily provide boat storage and protective shrink-wrapping, to ensure the safety of your boat in the offseason.
When the boat is in the Bahamas, the forward deck is used for transporting a golf cart and fishing trips. Emergency equipment includes a roof mounted stretcher, defibrillators, generator, and first aid supply lockers.
Special features include a roof-mount solar battery charger, hydraulic transom jacks, and a control console bimini top. SMI Marine is a family-owned and operated business whose passion for outstanding service, quality products, and boating runs deep. Harbor patrol officers use this vessel as a dive platform during underwater investigation and evidence retrieval missions. The Harbor Patrol uses these tether systems to deploy advanced bottom scanning sonar pods during salvage operations.

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