The WakeTracktor and Standard got me google imaging and I came across Pavati boats out of Oregon. Over the years I have read and heard anecdotal accounts of hull, electronics and engine damage caused by lightning in steel and aluminum boats. I remember seeing a post with pics of an aluminum jon boat with 6 inch holes blown through it from lightning. I have a hard time forgetting lightning striking a Catalina 30' mast while ignoring the taller Morgan 42 mast next door and my Cal 30 next to it.. Ewen, I know that you are one of the world's foremost experts (and there aren't that many) in the field of marine lightning and protecting boats against it to the extent possible. And that (the quote in italics) is the main problem, since the whole boat is metallic it is difficult to not touch anything metallic.
Hissing and buzzing sounds are caused by corona discharge which occurs whether or not there is a good connection to the water.

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I use the AP and put my fingers in my ears so I can't hear the sizzle that comes off the riggers and antennas near thunder storms. With all of these boat brands and types we have a boat for sale available for almost any boater.

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