Broadwater Industries is happy to manufacture premium, custom-built aluminum boats as per your requirements. Aluma Marine prides itself in offering only the highest quality in custom built aluminum boats, 20' and up. Not only are we experienced aluminum boat builders, Aluma Marine is also able to provide all types of fabrication including aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Located on the Harvey Canal, just south of New Orleans, Louisiana, Aluma Marine is able to provide dockside service, including a 65 ton crane.

Our law enforcement boats have been in operation in the Houston and Galveston area for over 15 years.
The Texas Scooter Boats are available in lengths 15' to 24' and bottom widths 60", 66", 72", and 78". As you can see from the pictures on this page, we maintain a very high standard of workmanship.
See for yourself the reason why wea€™ve built such a solid reputation in the area for quality aluminum boats.

See why the Houston Police Department, the Houston Fire Department, and the Harris County Sheriff's Department have chosen Boat Right Marine. From speed boats to fishing boats to houseboats and more, wea€™re available to start work right away on your vessel.

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