1991 Princecraft 14 foot aluminum boat (with carpeted floor) complete with 20hp Johnson outboard.
Connor Industries manufactures and installs premium aluminum catwalks, bridges and ramps to access floating docks or other structures. Connor Industries manufactures custom boat lifts and marine railways that exceed industry standards and meet the needs of the most discriminating client.
MARINE INDUSTRY DEALER CERTIFICATION PROGRAMOur dealership subscribes to the Marine Industry Dealer Certification standards established to insure that your boating experience is as enjoyable as possible. Experience a wedding like no other than holding your services throughout beautiful Muskoka, including Bala, Baysville, Bracebridge, Dorset, Dwight, Georgian Bay, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Lake of Bays, Milford Bay, Muskoka Lakes, Orillia, Parry Sound, Port Carling, Torrance, or anywhere in the Muskoka area. St.Georges Church on the Shores of Lake Joseph in Port Sandfield is a beautiful intimate place for a wedding. When I leave Toronto for Port Carling each weekend and head up highway 400 I think of all of the alternatives as I sit in another traffic jam, in the stifling heat. If you can afford the luxury of flight then head over to Cloud Air Service and enjoy a 35 minute flight on their commuter flight out of Toronto Islands airport.Another company that will also offers fly in to Muskoka from Toronto Island Airport is Cameron Air. If you prefer to travel to Muskoka by helicopter then contact The Helicopter Co, at the Island Airport at 416-203-3280. I have been watching the Tandem Hang Glider soaring over the Cleveland House Resort on Lake Rosseau. Another Area that is clubs such as the Barrie Canoe Club which has been in operation for 25 years on Kempenfelt bay. If you live or Cottage in the Orillia area then check out the Orillia Rowing Club in at Tudhope Park in Orillia. The Subaru Triathlon Series has a long course race on Sat June 15 and a short Course on Sun June the 16th.
Check out Buckwallow Cycling Centre in Gravenhurst (705-687-8858), they have 4 different courses in the Muskoka area. Don’t forget about the Old Stone Road Trail- that runs from Gravenhurst off of 169 to North Muldrew Lake Road. SOUTH MONCK TRAIL in Bracebridge- Entrance to the trail is located on Ball’s Drive directly behind the Bracebridge Shopping Center on the north side of Hwy 118W. A 7.5 km hiking and mounting bike trail, South Monck Trail offers a moderate level of difficulty with some steep hills.
I enjoy the High Falls in Bracebridge minus the Power house but it has made Bracebridge energy sufficient for the past 20 years.
Muskoka is full of snow, driveways that need grooming, logs to be split and do you ever wish you had a 4 wheel drive tractor with a snow blower on the front and I am talking about a REAL TRACTOR. Another eco-friendly Muskoka sport is sailing and there is a great organization on Lake Joseph, run on the grounds of the CNIB camp called the Lake Joseph Sailing Club. Make sure while you are in Muskoka to make a run over to Algonquin Park and take in a night camping and star gazing.
Another terrific organization is the Canadian Recreation Canoe Association who have setup a tribute to the late Bill Mason, a Canadian recognized at home and abroad as a canoeist, environmentalist, artist, filmmaker, photographer and public speaker, by establishing the Bill Mason Memorial Scholarship Fund with the permission and input of the Mason Family. To ensure that the memory and spirit that Bill represented is kept fresh in the minds of Canadians, the scholarship fund is intended to incorporate some of the characteristics that made Bill Mason unique. I hope you will take a few minutes to look at the Muskoka Arts and Crafts Artisan’s page. I have not be able to attend the Garden Tour, but I have heard that if you are in the Port Sydney area then check out B’s Antiques gardens on Lynx Lake Rd run by Al and Frances Botham at 1-705-789-7929. Speaking of pollution, the buring of coal for hydro is one of the largest contributors to poor air quality. Horse Back Riding is available at Deerhurst Inn at there stables, as well as being offered at the Equi-Dome Equestrian Centre which is located near Bracebridge 705-645-1723. A new book that is out is Houseboat Chronicles: Notes from a Life in Shiled Country by Jake MacDonald is a narrative on the insite of packing it all in to move to Northern Ontario to live on a houseboat and share and enjoy the northern society. Five Finger Discount: A Crooked Family History, Random House, by H Stapinski is a tale about things falling off the back of a truck in New Jersey. By the way, Boston Mills Publishing makes some excellent books on the Muskoka Region, Antique Boats, Boat Houses and historical anticdotes about the resorts. WestJet is one of the most profitable no frills airline- sometimes a milk run but can be cheaper than the bus. I love Maple Syrup, it is a great natural sweeter that we add for flavoring for BBQ sauce, for Pork, and even in a little night cap.
The night before make a couple of ice cube trays using differents juices like raspberry,cranberry, organge instead of water. Cut up a number of different fruits such as strawberries, blueberries,lemons, limes, and put them in serving water, addes colour to the water and imparts a nice taste.
Stopping serving alcohol one hour before the end of the party and then watch for signs that maybe someone needs a ride home or should be a cottage guest.
For Oysters call the Oyster boy restaurant in Toronto at 416-534-3432 for some of the finest oysters around. Not to be forgotten in the catering department is the Silver Stream Market at the Lift Bridge in Port Sandfield or the Foodland Grocery Store in Port Carling. The Port Carling Liquor store has all this seasons Vintages and it is on the water at the docks in Port Carling.
Let us first say that a pressure treated dock is an absolute NO NO – splinters are dangerous, then there is the leaching of the pressure treatment chemicals into the lake-chromated copper arsenate — the small amounts of arsenic that leach from CCA-are now said to pose a some risk to humans and fish.
In the Port Carling Area check out Jet Docks web site for your local dealer who sells floating docks .
Problems with Wildlife, then contact Jan McDonnell at the Ministry of Natural Resources, 705-646-5517.

Pat’s Boating in Canada is one of the oldest and largest websites for Canadian Power Boaters.
Safe Boating Guide provides info on safe family boating, how to protect the marine environment,and boat maintenance. Canadian Power & Sail Squadron provides courses and training material for using personal Watercraft and completing the Proof of Operator Competency Test for Port Carling and Lakes Rosseau, Lake Joseph and Lake Muskoka.
Canadian Yachting Association is a site devoted to sailing training, news, events, and an online store. The Muskoka bed and breakfast is an extensive listing of all Bed and Breakfast facilities in Muskoka.
Artist Ron Eady who has been painting limited edition prints of Muskoka scenary to raise money for Camp Oochigeas, a privately run summer camp for children with cancer which is run out of Rosseau Lake College. Joy Greene has been swimming for many years in Muskoka to raise money for some very worthy causes such as Breast Cancer. I would like to also thank all the volunteer fire fighters in area’s like Port Carling, Lake of Bays, Village Rosseau,Township of Muskoka Lakes, Milford Bay, Dorset and Baysville. Portage Flyer and the Muskoka Heritage Centre offer an opportunity to step back in time and see how Muskoka was in the Pioneer era. Baysville Marina on Lake of Bays has some of the nicest wooden boats around as well as offer full marina services. Hamer Bay Marine Ltd., on Lake Joseph, next to Rocky Crest Resort, 705-375-2232 Great web camera.
New Ark Marina & Cafe on Lake Muskoka between Gravenhurst and Bala provides Merc service, rentals, repairs, storage. Port Sandfield Marina, a family run business for 4 generations, at the lift bridge in Port Sandfield, offers great boat service, terrific fashion and home accessories. Feeling like you have been lying on the dock and your starting to resemble a beached whale, then go see Andrew Urban the fitness trainer for the Muskoka Stars. The Muskoka Store (Walter Page) is on Hwy 11near Gravenhurst and it has everything you forgot to bring to the cottage including sweathers, pants, t-shirts, fishing equipment, canoes, paddles, furniture, books ect.
The X Cup Tour series had another succesful season.  A great tour for all level of wakeboarders from beginner to outlaw. Another Wakeboard series is The Malibu Just Ride Series, sponsored by the Sun and Ski in Bala, was well attended. A wakeboard camp was brought to my attention; which is one kick ass camp for sports enthusiasts. In the Cambridge area there McClintocks Wakeboarding school who specilize in wake and waterskiing. The Muskoka Store- Walter Page Store, has a selection of wakeboards as well as dry and wet suits. Muskoka Lakes Marine, has an extensive inventory of online wakeboard equipment like Moomba, O’Brien, Skylon. Wake World News has all the latest video clips from Wakestock 2001 They run a great site with product reviews, discussion forums on tricks, used boards, boats and accessories. DH Docks has a online store that sells everything you use in Muskoka from water trampolines to coffee table books and linens. Muskoka Chair Company has an online store that sells the fine Muskoka chair in Pine, and cedar as well as bird feeders, hammocks, lounges, and tables. Muskoka Hockey creates custom made hockey sticks right outside of Port Carling in Glen Orchard.
The Muskoka Lakes Museum, located in Port Carling next to the lift bridge has some exceptional Muskoka related gifts for the Wooden Boat conniseur.
The Muskoka Store ( Walter Page) has an online store that reflects everything under their retail roof.
Muskoka Magazine, is an outstanding publication that has great articles, wonderfully photography and a keen perspective on the Muskoka Region. The Muskoka Cupolas made by McBride Custom Cupolas are made with Western Red Cedar to complement your boathouse or cottage.
One part of Muskoka that needs to be addressed is the animals be it at the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary located in the beautiful village of Rosseau or adopt an animal from one of the Ontario Humane Society branches .
Keep a bottle of hydrogen perioxide, tomato juice, vinegar and pepermint and tooth paste for skunk scent removal- mix it together and keep the animal out of the house til clean. Another interesting place to interact with different animals and experience the largest animal outreach program then check out the Muskoka Wildlife Centre located 20 minutes north of Orillia on hwy 11. Port Carling Boats BlogWelcome to the Port Carling Boats siteWelcome to the Port Carling Boats website! We use extruded aluminum, steel and stainless components to ensure durability and long-term structural integrity, while enhancing the aesthetics of your project and minimizing annual maintenance costs. Our lifts will keep your watercraft ready for action while protecting them from damaging exposure to waves, algae and floating debris. I will be adding to this page shortly info on churches, ministers, halls, locations, photographers, florists, cake and caters. This is a great sport that is great for the lakes and hopefully some of the other Lakes will also setup similiar clubs. This will be done by awarding an annual scholarship of $1,000 to a worthy outdoor recreational or environmental studies student at a Canadian college or university. Some 300 crafts people are included in this directory who produce water colours, fine wood working, calligraphy, clothing, pottery & sculptures.
A great place to visit is the Maple Orchard Farms located between Gravenhurst and Huntsville on District Rd 37 off of Hwy 11.
That way you get to mingle with everyone and at the same time ensure that people drink reasonably otherwise see they get alternative transportation should it be necessary.

If you can’t find it there check out the Liquor Stores in Huntsville, Bracebridge and Hunstsville. Therefore to preserve the shoreline, the water bed, the spawning area for the fish and the plant material one should consider a floating dock.
These Marina’s are under continuous quality improvement concerning environmental issues and practices.
They will custom create products for unique presentation packaging for your special products. He was a famous Canadian painter, artist and film maker who loved Muskoka and this is reflected in his art work. I am told this is an urban myth and apparently a product called Skunk Off is sold at various stores and online and it works.
We hope the site will satisfy your love of wooden boats, cottaging and the holiday lifestyle. All railing systems are specifically designed and engineered to meet applicable building codes. Should we fail to live up to any of these commitments, please let us know so that we can address the matter immediately. If you must take the car, then I will share a route that I have been enjoying in relative obscurity. So the region is growing and so are it’s power requirements, but restricting the water flow will definitely impact those down stream as well as the ecosystem. The Wenonah 2 is quickly taking shape and donations are still needed to complete this boat without debt.
It is disturbing that Lakes Rosseau, Joseph and Bass Lake have at one time or another been  under a no drinking directive. Kerrydale Stables has a summer riding camp in Bracebridge with Heidi Mueller at 705-645-400.They also offer Leasing, Boarding and Sales. Antony also has a new tv program out highlighting restaurants and experiences from around the world. Won best cook book at the International Association of Professional Culinary Professionals.
May we toast Joy and the good work she has done for her community and may it inspire others as well.
Issues such as water, power and energy conversation, reducing fuel seepage into the lakes, recycling of antifreeze and shrink wrap. Our experienced engineering team brings dedication and commitment to every step of the process.
Get on Keele St, north of Major Mackenize and you will enjoy a scenic country side, with no traffic and no police cruisers. Patrol members also attend to Lake use complaints, speed limit enforcement concerns on the rivers and training and education at various resorts. This boat will be kept in the Port Carling area in 2002 so check out the Marine Museum downtown.
I also wonder when Bala and Baysville will undertake a feesability study of using there dams for generating hydro.
If you get off at Highway 9 (careful about the left turn) then you are seconds to the 400 north on ramp and minutes from exit 88. I want to say that I have been sitting on the dock on Lake Rosseau and come Sunday at 4pm the float plane procession begins. As the season ends so do the water ski shows put on at the Lake Joseph Club, by   Summer Water Sports.
If you have Muskoka Boating experience, a boating License, First Aid certificate, your National Life Saving Awards, then use your excellent communication skills and apply to the Muskoka Lakes Association if you are attending post secondary next year.
Lets look at our septic tanks, how golf courses are using pesticides and fertilizers, the control of phosperous entering the lakes, how we manicuring lawns instead of promoting a natural shore line, and how we are maintaining our power boat vessels.
Another alternative is highway 27 on the west side of the 400 but that is used by more people. If you are interested in cruising either Lake Rosseau or Lake Joseph the be sure to visit the Segwun site .
The JetDock docking system can accommodate almost any watercraft of any shape and size up to 51 feet.
The Century is powered by a 6 cylinder Hercules engine (6 volt) with new fuel lines – in reasonable condition. Unfortunately the closing date for this positon was March 1st, but then again give it a Muskoka effort.
JetDock is the only dry docking system that is completely modular, so you can add on for more crafts, move it with ease or reconfigure it as your needs change, and all docks are safe in the ice.
The JetDock docking system will always be useable with the type of watercraft the customer has today or purchases in the future.
They also put on Water Show’s at Bayview Wildwood, Clevelands House, Delawana Inn, Fern Resort, Grandview Inn, Muskoka Sands, Rocky Crest and Wigamog Inn. With these features and a limited lifetime warranty, we feel JetDock is the finest docking system available today.

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