This dock system was literally in the water for 2 weeks last summer and is in mint condition. Custom Heavy Duty Plate Aluminum Boats available in all sizes Built as Deep, Wide & Long as ordered, 2011, Centre Console, Our Boats carve up the rough water like you wouldn't believe!
The Silver Dolphin Open Boat has been used for many applications including: inshore fishing, aquaculture, tow off and recreational boating.

SMALL FISHING BOATS FOR SALE CHEAPSupplier for outboards oodle marketplace size and outboards Online in size and outboards where you canlooking for small boats .
You can order our boats as High, Deep, Wide & Long as you want, these Heavy Duty Plate Boats are Constructed From the Highest Marine Grade 5083 High Tensile 4mm Plate Bottom & 4mm High Tensile Underfloor Fuel Tank (MSQ Standard) & 4mm 5083 High Tensile Plate Sides.
Many of our customers start off with the open boat and later return to add a windshield, seating or even a full deck!

6.3m High sided hull also comes standard with a 150L underfloor fuel tank, side deck fill, 3000GPH underfloor bilge pump, Self draining fully welded checker plate deck or flat floor for carpet option (carpet extra), Console, anchor locker, anchor bollard, spray chines, 2 x rod holders, planing strakes, 2 x side pockets.

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