Duck hunting for diver species like Canvasbacks, Redheads, Ringnecks, Eiders, Goldeneye and other diver ducks. With the end of this years duck season here in wisconsin, its time to start planing for hunts next year.
There are several really quality guides for both species, but your search could prob be narrowed depending on what you're wanting to spend.
I would second Rising Sun Outfitters, I have done business with them and they get there guys on birds. I know a guy that lives in Maine and knows Ernie Spalding of Rising Sun Outfitters and he swears by him. East coast waterfowlers on Long Island; I have hunted with him many times and did one fishing trip. If getting there is indeed half of the battle, then we should consider the manufacturers of modern duck boats and marine motors as the field generals of the waterfowling world.
Excel Boats Shallow Water F4 Series boats, with hardened longitudinal ribs and heavy-duty gunwales, are designed to take hunters to places previously thought to be inaccessible.
War Eagle 2170 BlackhawkHas a beefed-up .125-inch-thick aluminum hull and a redesigned deeper V for a smoother ride when crossing rough waters. Go-Devil Surface Drive Boats are designed to be perfect companions to the company’s Surface Drive Engines. Pro-Drive X Series Are shallow-water craft designed with a square chine to draft less water, which achieves faster speeds and higher load-carrying capacity. Gator-Tail Xtreme Series These are designed for superior handling during sharp turns and a dry ride to your duck blind. Beavertail Builds custom aluminum flat-bottom boats to match the needs and desires of any duck hunter.
Gator Trax Gator Hide Is made to solve a common problem among duck hunters: a high profile in the marsh. Bankes Boats GoliathA 21-foot fiberglass model, uses reverse tunnel chine construction for a smooth, dry ride on big water.
I have been known to wear pac boots in snow or my ultra heavy-duty indestructible mountaineering boots later on a trip when I'm footsore and my ankles hurt. For the torso, I start with a moisture-wicking layer of performance polyester or polypropylene, CoolMax® or equivalent, in short sleeve in the early season and long sleeve when it is cooler.
For the outer layer, when the weather is really severe, I wear an insulated goretex shell and my Elmer Fudd hat. On top of everything else, I wear a hunter orange hunting vest stuffed with all of the essential and non-essential gear listed above, not enough food, too much water and way too many shells. In my opinion, the perfect chukar hunting vehicle is a 4WD Toyota T100, V6, 5-speed, extra cab with camper shell, winch and tow rope.
I know I'm treading on dangerous ground here; folks get mighty defensive of their chosen make.
The 4Runner also boasts anti-lock brakes, limited slip differentials, hill start assist control, downhill assist control, and vehicle stability control; all of which makes it easier for occasional four-wheelers to stay on the road and negotiate difficult terrain. Before I leave ATV etiquette behind, consider that when the roads in chukar country are muddy, big trucks leave huge ruts behind. Now that I'm older and grayer, I've given some thought to expanding my definition of the perfect chukar rig. You can probably take a motor home in further in most places than you can a pickup and trailer, but the latter gives you more options once you've established home base. Now, if you don't happen to have an extra $50K laying around, you can traverse the big canyons in more modest craft.
Not an expert on this by any stretch of the imagination, but I have a 14' sears that I would guess to be about a 40-42" width, never actually measured it. I've had two different 15' v hulls and both were very stable and performed very well in choppy open water.

Carl: not many boats inthe size range you are talking about are going to be either comfortable or safe in a 2-3 foot chop! The benefits a stable shooting platform that come wth a a Mod V will never outwiegh the seaworthyness of a semi-v. Duck Boat mud outboard engines employ a unique design The mud motor is surprisingly simple. Most items ship within 48 hours, however this is a new store page and our busiest time of year so some items may be delayed. 69 matches found: duck hunting boat, duck boat, john boat, mud boat mud · 2011 Excel Shallow Water 1645 Duck Boat · 3 130 WATT CAMO 6 INCH BOAT BLIND FOG Duck boat jet engines are special-designed motors that are frequently used for the sport hunting of ducks. Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear « Boats. Duck Hunting Boats, Hunting Lights, Duck Boat Blinds, Mud Motors Hunting Gear This listing has ended.
Beavertail Motors at Black Duck Outfitters: Maryland Duck Hunting Guide for Sea Ducks, Canvasbacks, Diver Ducks, Canada Goose hunts, Spring Snow Goose Hunting in I am selling a 2008 alumacraft 1448 jon boat with storage in the center seat.
Waterfowl Boats, Motors, Boat Blinds : A duck boat forum to discuss duck hunting boats, mud motors, and everything related. An article that reviews different types of mud motors and boats that are used while hunting for waterfowl. As a matter of fact he swears by him so much that I am going to make a trip up next year to knock down some eiders.
I have hunted with Ocean State Outfitters and have been a repeat customer 4 years now with occassionaly 2 trips in one season! Be aware of the Substandard Quality Chinese knock-off Boat Handles also being sold on eBay and other online venues. A nearly limitless array of choices awaits duck hunters looking for a new boat and motor to take you, your buddies and all of your gear anywhere the ducks are working. Standard equipment includes full skin out with carpet, vinyl or spray liner, foot trolling motor bracket with 24-volt wiring, built in 40-gallon gas tank, two passenger seats with storage, additional bow storage, large console with steering and bait well. X Series boats are available in 16-foot, 17-foot, 18-foot and 20-foot models, with 48-inch, 54-inch and 60-inch widths.
The one-piece, .125-inch-thick aluminum hull is braced by 2-inch-by-2-inch longitudinal ribs. From a 14-foot-long, 48-inch-wide model all of the way up to a 20-foot, 72-inch-wide craft, Beavertail boats are all-welded, 100-gauge hulls. Models in 16-foot or 20-foot lengths function as a three- or four-hunter layout blinds, yet still perform as seaworthy craft on open water. Standard features include a completely molded interior liner, side-mounted console, permanent 25-gallon fuel tank and rack-and-pinion steering.
He uses it for running rivers that are not too shallow since he uses a prop rather than a jet.
In contrast to traditional outboard motors created by large Hunting Duck Boats for sale from boat dealers, owners, and brokers.
Boats reviewed Go-Devil, Mud Buddy Manufacturing, Fisher Waterfowl Boats, Motors, Boat Blinds : A duck boat forum to discuss duck hunting boats, mud motors, and everything related. I was told the same thing about there not being as many scoters around but I already have those. I have hunted with him twice now for a total of 6 days hunting and he has always withheld his end of the bargain and works hard to make sure you are happy.
NEW Aluminum Boat Oarlock Sockets Duck Fishing Jon Boat Round Gunwale + SS KITUSA MADE FULL-LIP RIM BUSHING INSERT Not Just a Sleeve! The new surface-drive engines, when paired with shallow-running boats, can power through mud, stumps and just about any obstacle lurking in a marsh or swamp.
The Duck Back transom, which extends across the back of the boat at the waterline, allows hunters to climb into the boat easily from the water, and provides an ideal vantage point for your retriever during the hunt.

To serve as a hunting boat, it is available in eight licensed camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak, Realtree, Advantage and Natgear to ensure you blend perfectly into your hunting environment. Made with .125-inch-thick aluminum, these boats are available in 16-foot, 18-foot and 20-foot models, with 48-inch, 54-inch or 60-inch widths. All models are constructed with .125-inch-thick aluminum, with 1-inch-by-2-inch rectangular ribs front to back in the floor. Standard features include 24-inch sidewalls, two 10-foot-long gun boxes, flat diamond plate floors, foam-filled floor, front deck and pods for flotation and stability, interior tubing for wiring and olive-drab, non-reflective paint. Layout cockpits, complete with adjustable backrests, flip-style doors and adjustable headrests are built into the deck of the boat.
Here we could almost always pull it up in cattails so maybe I'm not the best to answer this.
My buddy had a 16' at about 68" and you could walk anywhere you wanted and barely move the boat. And length matters because the V on a 14 footer is going to minimize the amount the length of the boat that has full beam (the stability issue). My boat got me home it was overloaded with ice and leaked like a seive till I had it hauled out and repaired. And as good as these crafts and engines are at cutting through the slop, they prove seaworthy on large water, too. Storage is integrated into the rear seats to keep floor space open to comfortably house hunters, decoys and a retriever. Despite its size, the boat only drafts 6 to 8 inches of water, so duck hunters can travel to shallow honeyholes, too. If you're talking about hunting mostly marshes and river then the jon is your best bet in my opinion.
A few of the pics are when I took my own boat and hunted with him due to him being booked solid.
Brush pipes hold additional cover to complete the disappearing act of the hunters in the boat. If you're going to run across big open bays or larger lakes or large rivers with rollers or chop then the semi v is best. He has to cross about 1.5 miles of the far down wind part of the lake to get to the inlet to the river and then motor drifts for miles down the river hitting the various holes for the giant fall rainbows that are fat on dead salmon.
If you have to drive the boat into phrags or cattails then the semi v is handy to punch in but many of the mod v with a nice pointy bow does pretty good too. But I think v hulls have a place and if you deal with a lot of waves or even chop they are much better. He usually has one person sitting on the bow seat while he is standing at the center console. He feathers the throttle a lot to control his speed up the waves, and you will take a bit of a pounding up there in the bow seat, but the boat works well in those conditions. If you stabilize it with poles or can pull up in grass then it doesn't matter much what the bottom shape is. He does have to watch out for how much of the bow and hull are exposed over the top of the wave if the wind is really whipping so that the boat does not turn into a kite and flip. I watched the owner walk the gunnels from the bow to the stern one day while salmon fishing with him. I was sitting down on the front bench I noticed that the boat did not feel like it wanted to squirt out from under us.

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