Can't wait to see the new "Danny King Catfish Boat" the boat is being built by Redneck Boats! I just bought a new boat, as the wife didn't like the 14 foot jon boat any more, too rough in the lakes, not enough room, I chose a 20 foot SeaArk aluminum in the Coastal200V configuration.
Originally Posted By: redchevyOriginally Posted By: DEERSTRANGLER?So what does this new Danny King Catfish boat have?
Originally Posted By: catfishingterryI don't understand how this thread got heated This is turning into the bass section. Location: crosbyton, TX I saw it the other day on the Totally Texas Boating Forum.
It's nice to see someone come up with a design of thier own that is so clearly a new design, and seems to perform well.
Location: USA Rounded Tunnel I've always heard that the best tunnel design on these fiberglass boats is a round half-pipe design, to reduce turbulence created by the corners found in rectangular tunnels. I've run a tunnel boat with ice runners that would turn on a dime at any speed, but the ice runners were a real hassle if you ever ran aground - can't slide the boat sideways. I've also often wondered what would happen if you put a vertical plate down the center of the tunnel, virtually splitting it in half longitudinally.
I'll just say that for reference that my little hovercraft (flat bottom) on an inland lake turned out not to be the best fishing platform. Based on what I have learned in other threads, perhaps a retracable keel or retractable dagger board may help out shallow draft watercraft in rough seas which are at anchor.
Location: Texas I've often caught myself sketching a hull that could augment, but I keep coming back to a design that can handle a degree of abuse with the minimal amount of up-keep.
For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it, and is the predecessor and platform for some ideas I will be trying. Originally Posted by Baywolf For the most part, this prototype has quite alot of time and effort invested into it And it shows, it's quite a striking design with lots of curb appeal.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. The magnificent 117m (384.78ft) megayacht is as impressive in its dimensions as the refinement of its design, characterized by its high ceiling, an innovation that Saab exclusively introduced to the yacht industry, and is the culmination of the efforts of an ensemble of extraordinarily creative individuals brought together under the Weyves Couture Concept. This big cousin to the 16 Storm has features often only seen on bigger, more expensive boats, such as a built-in fuel tank, increased horsepower rating and dual livewells. Aluminum bass boats have always lacked the sleek look of their fibreglass counterparts, but this new Talon definitely narrows the gap. Holding true to KingFisher’s riverboat heritage, the Accord is constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum and will stand up to the most demanding use. Appealing to anglers on a lower budget, the new 1625 Fury XL offers up an impressive number of features for a boat in its class.

Building on the success of its value-priced Impact line, Lund is offering a 20-footer for 2013. For the family in search of a stable deep-V that will be just as at home towing water toys as working the depths for trophy walleye, the new 17-foot Kodiak Sport is well designed and easy on the pocketbook. Princecraft’s Hudson DSLX got a complete redesign for 2013, including more floor space and storage, and room for a gas kicker.
This 20-footer is the most recent addition to Princecraft’s value-priced Xpedition line. Ranger, a name synonymous with quality fibreglass boats, jumped into the aluminum market for 2013 with two new very attractively priced lines: the Tournament and Apache Series. After cutting several models from its lineup last year, Tracker has brought back and redesigned some old favourites for 2013 to better suit angler needs. For anglers looking for a downsized bass boat that’s easy on the pocketbook, the new Pro 170 is sure to please. Triton jumped into the aluminum boat market with both feet in 2013 and this very affordable bass boat is notable for its high quality at a value price. While primarily intended for waterfowlers, this new aluminum boat from Triton offers enough fish-catching features to truly serve the needs of anglers, too. During that time, we have propelled thousands of duck hunters, anglers and commercial boaters. Gilmore Marine is a premier dealer of Bass, Crappie, Mod-V and Deep-V aluminum fishing boats. A 4' livewell accommodates a catfisherman better than the tiny livewells found in most center consoles. Designed for anglers, as well as their families, this 19-footer is well appointed and handles big water like a dream. It’s a fishing machine that can also double as a family and water-sports boat at the cottage. For anglers in search of a boat that can handle a growing family and double as a versatile fishing rig, the 200 is it.
It’s loaded with features for the hard-core angler, and like all Tracker boats, it comes pre-rigged and water ready.
Today, we still build the most rugged, hardest working line-up of Jons using the best materials available. Designing a yacht and conceiving its art of living constitutes a perfect opportunity to expand my brand's universe by creating the experience of luxury," says Elie Saab of his design direction on the ES117 megayacht. And if you’d like a few more creature comforts, the XGS model includes a built-in gas tank and additional storage.
Built with 5052-H34 riveted aluminum alloy and painted inside and out with durable acrylic olive drab enamel, these highly-dependable boats are constructed to be worked hard and put away wet, while maintaining their quality appearance for years to come.

However, and once again this was a flat bottom top heavy design not really intended for this use and a bit out of it's element. Commenting on Saab's creative input in the design project, Donald Potard, Partner Weyves Couture, said the collaboration is the ultimate exercise in exclusivity, "The Weyves Couture concept offers a level of distinctiveness to owners who wish to go beyond the conventional sense of luxury. Lowe Jons also feature rounded, formed-in keels and spray rails, extruded and coined aluminum ribs and formed transom corner caps for heavy-duty use. Elie Saab is the only person who could have deli ered the heady cocktail of power, balance and elegance in the design of this yacht in both its striking exterior presence and superior interior comforts." The yacht will be built by the prestigious megayacht builder, Oceanco, "We are excited to be collaborating with the development and realization of this unique project. Convenience features include built-in bench seats, strong lifting operation, Lowe Jons are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty. BUT everytime I fish out of it I think of a way it could be different to better suit my needs. Our proven megayacht technology and recognised quality, spanning eight 80m+ yachts over the last 5 years, provides an ideal platform for Elie Saab and Weyves Couture to express their formidable creative talent," he added. The ES117 is a unique creation that epitomizes a successful coming together of engineering and design. If your going out to buy a new boat and 90% of the time its used for catfishing wouldn't it make sense to buy a boat that suits your needs?
With a hull made of steel and an aluminium superstructure, the yacht exterior is a study in modernity and elegance. Highlighting the sense of space and refinement has been central to Elie Saab's creative direction in the interiors of the ES117. I have holders on the center console, that is were rods belong, don't have a rod box and wouldn't use it if I did. Every detail has b en put in place to showcase the exceptional quality of the materials used, and the skill of the master craftsmen who have worked on the interior design concept. Having a 4' livewell doesn't make it a catfish boat it makes it a boat with a big live well.
The final design of the yacht reveals the minutiae of thought that has gone into providing the yacht-owner with every comfort and luxury imaginable. Two private suites along two decks have been reserved for the owner, with 10 luxurious guest suites, a swimming pool, whirlpool, theatre, spa and gym available on board. Big fish deserve a big live well i never want to fish a tournament and show up with a show stopping fish only to find her dead. A helicopter, submarine, car and water toys signed by Elie Saab complete the exclusive couture lifestyle offering aboard the ES117.

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