Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming-----WOW-----what a ride! If he's totally replaced the fiber hull with aluminum, he probably cut the weight of it in half.
Critical boat control, perfect balance and a boat that responds immediately to your commands at the trolling motor.
Designed for shallow water boating, the Super Vee sports a 6 bottom that softens the ride while capably slipping across riffles.
Alumaweld's Super Vee Pro has earned many titles, ''the ultimate fishing machine'', ''The Guide's Choice'', and, ''the choice of professionals'', to name a few. Derived from our Super Vee professional series, the Columbia provides taller sides, allowing more free board and a deeper vee bottom for exceptional comfort, including a Ride Master Vee (RMV).
The Intruder series reflects Alumaweld's commitment to real value by giving you more for your boating dollar. Superbly crafted, Formula Vee Outboards represent boating's highest standards available in welded aluminum construction, engineering and performance. The one and only time I will ever watch that wretched show was the one with the aluminum ski. The established benchmark of boating value, the Stryker is available in 18' and 20' lengths.
Seaworthy, trim and lifetime durable, the Blackhawk is set apart by its' distinctive Alumadrivea„? outboard motor extension bracket.

The open design with the rigid pipe gunnel allows you to pull crab pots or nets without any encumberances. Built to meet the demands of professional river guides, the Super Vee includes welcome features like Alumaweld's watertight storage seat boxes, all-welded step deck with dry storage and a fish box, and an aluminum transom storage box that keeps rigging out of harm's way. Developed by, and for, Western fishing guides, the Super Vee Pro reflects the very highest standards of design, construction and performance. Thoroughly engineered to deliver all-seasons performance, you'll find every detail's been painstakingly addressed. Uniquely Alumaweld, the Formula Vee reflects all aspects of Alumaweld's keen attention to detail with tolerances that are the result of naval architects who designed every inch of the Formula Vee to exacting levels of excellence.
I didn?t notice any labels on it but it was going in the other direction, but defiantly aluminum. The only down side i see would be the dismount, when you hit the sand bar at 40mph and turn your self into a yard dart. The 16' Talon features an innovative 10A° full vee bottom that is ideal for either an outboard jet for running shallow water or an outboard prop for open water applications.
Loaded with features and backed by Alumaweld's exclusive lifetime warranty, the Stryker's an ideal sport package that's right at home fishing, hunting, cruising, skiing, or just taking a break from the week's challenges. The boat has been designed to provide the quality that is expected from Alumaweld at an affordable price level. These techniques that require critical boat control, perfect balance and a boat that responds immediately to your commands.

For those all-seasons anglers that call the river their home and welcome the challenge of shallow water, Alumaweld's Super Vee is ready to make the trip with you! With outboard, inboard jet and sterndrive models to select from and your choice of 20' and 22' lengths, the Intruder is built for complete fishing satisfaction.
The Blackhawk is an important new design pioneered by the company that continues to set the standard for welded aluminum boatsa€¦Alumaweld.
The Sport Skiff comes in 10A° (16') and 14A° (18'-20') with an optional Ride Master Vee bottom in the 18 and 20 foot versions.
The 6A° whitewater bottom vee married to Alumaweld's exclusive performance Path Lifting Strakes™ enable the Free Drifter to drift into shallow tailouts and plane quickly with minimal bow rise. Generous storage opportunities, welded-in fish box, storage box seating, full length storage trays, full coaming gunnel, and a long list of fishing features that makes the Super Vee Pro a tried-and-true favorite among top Western anglers.
The Talon is another reason Alumaweld is the leader in heavy gauge, all-welded aluminum boats. The forward fuel tank position enhances the Free Drifter's balance which is essential for proper control and the open design allows complete freedom of movement for casting. Alumaweld worked closely with some of the top experts in the field to create the ultimate ride for the application.

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