Grandad Pete and I have brought a tent with us called an Ezi-Up – thinking it would give us some shade during the blistering heat we would encounter. Saturday was scheduled to be an onshore display and walk around for the public followed by an afternoon of activity on the Lake, but it soon became apparent that despite the weather conditions abating we would need to wait for Sunday to see most of the boats out on the water. Johnny looking suitably sanguine having just been told off by the fun police for blatting it away from the jetty.
And with the sunshine and warmer weather on Sunday, the antique & classic boaters took to the water on Lake Rotoiti to enjoy thier classic boats. And Callum McLeod was quick to follow with Pete Rainey’s vintage Hydroplane, and Alan Doak was right there to catch the cool shot of Callum ready to get up on plane.
We have to extend a special thanks to fellow Woody Boater Alan Doak for allowing us to share his awesome images of this years event with us here at Woody Boater. I just love the traditional Captains Cap Harper is sporting while learning to operate the MiniMax with his father. And big smiles all around for Alan when they arrived back at the shore.  Thanks again Alan for all you do with your wonderful photography and for the hobby in New Zealand! We said our farewells and set off to catch the Ferry home but not before calling in to see my friend Graham Orphan at Omaka airfield. We arrived home from our Woody Boater adventure in Wellington at 2:00 AM Monday morning just in time for work. What a great story Philip, and thanks so much for taking the time to share your adventure with us here at Woody Boater – We appreciate the effort.

Also a big thanks to fellow Woody Boater Pete Rainey for all your help organizing the 2012 New Zealand Antique & Classic Boat Show event again this year and offering to share it with us here at Woody Boater. Thanks again Alan for sharing your gallery of beautiful images with us here at Woody Boater. Also love how these photos can be clicked on to see them larger, then clicked on again to see them super-sized.
Usage polymer drift boats for fly fishing running whitewater draw services and some cash and make lots of playfulness building your own Boulder gravy holder full treatment roll boat This is done via the. John DeRooy known as Dutch has been inwards the aluminum drift boat plans maritime industry for more than 36 years building boats.
It was so windy we had to tie it to the ground and my carefully planned American themed display quickly turned into a shambles. Based on the documentation that was displayed with this old hydro, I was interested to see that this boat had been faster at 117 mph than Len Southwards Redhead that we reported on a few months ago. Here’s Pete Rainey and me sporting contrasting dress codes, me sporting my Woody Boater tee shirt and Pete with his more official attire. After nearly 3 years of “Sand Varnish, Sand Varnish, Sand Varnish, we did two laps of the course and the water pump crapped out. Alan also kindly shared his photos with us last year for our live-ish boat show coverage, and it was fantastic to work with him again this year.
What a great event and how good is it to see such wonderful character in the people involved and in their boats !Thank you for sharing your experience.

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There were some amazing examples of boats built by truly clever men, none more so than this one. By the time she got her bottom wet Johnny had nailed the popular “Peoples Choice” award! He and I communicated by e-mail a few times just prior to this years boat show and Pete extended an inviation to Woody Boater to travel down to New Zealand and join them for the event next year. We found him in the hanger starring at a pile of twisted metal that he assures me was once a P-40.
The can of starter fluid should be an on going trophy to the great folks that see the fun and joy of this lifestyle! Fork Drift Boat prior to Willie Boats Willie had quite a the history perfecting the first aluminum drift boats.

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