This reminds me of the Keels and Wheels Classic Car and Boat Show that I used to go to growing up. I don’t know how you can go wrong spending part of your Saturday hanging out by the lake and looking at antique boats. Curt Brayer designed and built the 1965 Racing Runabout Dancing Bear, featuring a 392 Hemi fed by six Strombergs. According to owner Geoff Magnuson from Lyman, ME, the original Arab IV capsized in Alexandria Bay in 1920. John Gast used a Chevy 350 out of his Sportsman Modified oval-track race car when rebuilding this Jersey Speed Skiff. Bill John at the Vintage Race Boat Shop in Wolfeboro, NH, built My Precious as a replica of a ’50s-era Jersey Speed Skiff. The 22ft Gold Cup Wood Too is another replica of a Speedster originally created by Gar Wood. The DeGlopper brothers are very active in the antique boat hobby, and run this pair of Jersey Speed Skiffs.

Boomerang is a reproduction of a 1941 Gold Cup racer built and designed by the famous builder George Crouch. RWS Marine Restoration in Connecticut restored Screamin Meemie IV, originally designed and built by Fred Wickens.
It always provided an opportunity to get lost in vintage sports cars and classic wooden boats, which all seem very Great Gatsby to me. The craftsmanship of these boats is just awe inspiring to me, and takes you back to a simpler time before X-Star’s and Wakesetters. It was an F Service record-holder and multi-year National Championship winner; Brayer never lost a race unless the boat broke down. Tim’s dad bought it in 1963, and it sat in a barn for decades until Tim put it back in the water three years ago.
The Bud Bender-designed skiff has a ‘glass hull and a mahogany deck, with a Chevy 350 making 325 hp. Legendary builder Henry Lauterbach built several Chrysler Queens starting in the ’50s.

The F Service class folded more than 30 years ago, but Curt brings the restored boat to vintage events like this one.
John told us the boats are as much fun as auto racing, but less stressful, less money, and less destructive.
Leveau and built by owner Gerald Davidson, the single-step hydroplane was a popular race winner on the Eastern Seaboard in the ’30s. It was the National Champion many times, and Byers held numerous records, including the fastest measured mile at 168 mph. After 36 years of inactivity, the boat was restored and is now owned by Bill Burgess, who drove it throughout its successful early years. Behind him is his brother Bill in Flyin High, an historic, record-setting, race-winning Jersey Speed Skiff with a 350ci Chevy small-block, built by Dave Paraskevas.

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