Search-Boats is a Boats & Yachts classifieds search engine to find different boat types for sale New and Used. NEW 16' PONTOON BOAT WITH LARGE ALUMINUM PADDLE WHEEL TURNED BY 24v ELECTRIC MOTOR A 2014 16' Paddle Electric Hybrid 616 Sport Cruise (Display Model) electric pontoon boat with 24v heavy duty motor and on board dual bank charger. Because we are the manufacturer, we design and build components in-house using precise manufacturing equipment, methods and software.
Using precise manufacturing equipment, methods and software, we design and build components in-house. Innovative seat bases constructed with proprietary Dura-Lite composite material are stronger, lighter weight and provide unmatched storage space. Qwest Pontoon Boats feature a unique, lightweight design that allows our compact pontoons to compete with larger pontoons on the market.
Because our boats are sleek in design they are easy to maneuver, both on and off the water.
Qwest offers more models and options in smaller pontoons boats than anyone in the marketplace, giving you endless design and feature choices for cruising, fishing, bar boats, or water sports.

Pontoon Boat-8' Inflatable - $350 (Greer, AZ) New inflatable 8' pontoon boat, model - sport New inflatable 8' pontoon boat, model - sport xr1 by creek company. Up for auction, a new 2015 Qwest LS 7516 Cruise luxury pontoon boat, LOADED with options, and a used 2009 Honda 25 HP 4-stroke outboard motor with electric start and power tilt. With its unique (and stylish) look, this electric pontoon boat will be the talk of the neighborhood. With vision  and advanced innovation, we are leading the industry with progressive, real world designs and features you can only find with a Qwest Pontoon.
We design and build components in-house to assure the highest quality standards are met throughout the entire manufacturing process. They offer better flotation and capacities with smaller diameter pontoons for the maximum boating experience and performance, without sacrificing safety and stability in the water. The Honda 25 HP has been through our shop and it starts, runs, shifts and pumps water well. It is small enough to navigate through the backyard pond without sacrificing the ability to hold up to 8 people.

We believe that vision combined with innovative technology drives continuous improvement and development of unique products, and our growth demonstrates that we’re committed to understanding what our customers expect. Qwest offers an unrivaled array of modern multi-functional layouts, aggressive performance packages, and endless design choices for cruising, fishing, bar boats and water sports. Streamlining production on site allows us to make a better boat without accumulating costs associated with purchasing pre-manufactured components.
When the day is done they can easily be loaded on a trailer and towed effortlessly, ready for the next expedition.

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