The world of ArcheAge is vast and seamless, with a huge range of landscapes from arid deserts to tropical shores to forbidding mountain peaks.
Your first mount will likely come from one of the early quests in the game, but those and others are also available from various merchants or as rare rewards. Some mounts, namely the horses, elk, and snowlions, have the ability to carry more than one character.
Each playable race has a different racial mount type, offered in three color options during an early mount-raising quest line in the starting zones. Your mount will gain experience as it travels and when it is summoned (and alive!) during combat where you defeat experience-granting mobs. Gliders are a unique take on flying mounts that allow you to control your character in the air while also taking into account gravity, height, duration of flight, and potential obstacles in your path. Gliders are equipped to your character’s back in the same slot a trade or resource pack would occupy, thus preventing you from gliding while also carrying a heavy load!
The basic glider is offered through an early quest line and can be upgraded through the crafting system at various levels. In addition, gliders can have a combination of special abilities such as an upward boost to quickly gain altitude, the ability to drop explosives on targets below, self-destruction, quick side-rolls, etc. The oceans in ArcheAge are expansive, with numerous mapped and unmapped islands and points of interest to discover.
The trimaran is commonly referred to as the “speedboat,” being small, fast, and highly maneuverable.
The Harpoon Clipper comes outfitted with two underwater breathing devices, a portable harpoon cannon which can be wielded by a passenger, and a front-mounted large harpoon which can be manned by a passenger. Long, low, and fast, the merchant’s ship is a two-masted speed machine for bulk transport of resource and trade packs across the seas. Despite its speed, this workhorse is not particularly maneuverable, and a fully loaded merchant ship is the juiciest prize on the seas. There are those who will swear that a third type of warship lurks offshore, one whose plans are never sold by a reputable shipwright. Her dark sails unmistakable, her purpose obvious, the Black Pearl is legend and nightmare combined.
Having a boat summoned will greatly increase your logout timer, so it’s a good idea to manually de-summon them before logging out. The design that appears on a boat’s sails can be customized as part of the user-created content system.
The Farm Wagon is a crafted land vehicle that acts as a summoned object, similar to a boat. Players also have the ability to quickly travel between memorized locations using reagents known as Hereafter Stones. Opening a Worldgate to a location saved in your teleport book is as simple as opening the book, selecting the specific location you wish to travel to, and clicking the green portal icon at the bottom right. In addition to the designated Memory Tome locations in the game, you can also add the location of player-built houses to your teleport book by using the house’s fireplace. Most transportation in ArcheAge is player-driven, but there are systems for limited air and land transport along automatic routes that one can catch at designated stations.
4 x Trade Package slots - These slots hold trade packages securely and can only be accessed by the ship owner.
Regardless, I’m back in ArcheAge because the rest of the MMO space sucks worse if you crave non-linear virtual worlds. Over the past couple of weeks, I’d been searching for a column to write on Massively Overpowered.
What I found was a pronounced lack of stickiness brought on by the industry-wide dearth of gameplay functionality unrelated to killing and looting. This feature-completeness is, of course, subjective, and clearly most of the folk playing in this genre right now are satisfied with combat lobby grinders. Earlier this week I spent an evening making trade packs, which my partner and I then ferried to various destinations around the expansive world map for both fun and profit (a lot of profit, actually). After unlocking the boat, you can ship your fish with your boat instead of spending too much time in the road.

In keeping with the theme of choosing one’s own path, there are also a variety of transportation options throughout the lands – both player-controlled and automated. Mounts are generally obtained as babies, and you’ll need to raise and care for them until they grow into a suitable companion! They act like a separate character, in that they have their own health bar, stats, experience amount and level, slots for equipment, and collision. The owner acts as the main rider and controls the mount, while another member of their faction can mount up behind and be transported.
Higher level means more health and mana, as well as unlocking mounted abilities and access to sturdier mount armor.
It’s possible for you to encourage it to get up, but your mounted speed will be reduced by 30% until the mount is healed. Gliders will always tend to, well, glide down; different models have more or less time and ability to stay aloft. Travel on the high seas can be both dangerous and rewarding, and the game provides a range of ships with unique features – as well as strengths and weaknesses – to get you out on the water. This inexpensive adventuring boat provides a great introduction to the range of ocean content available in the game. The ability to open or return fire will come in handy in a tight spot, and the Clipper’s maneuverability means it can get more than a few hits in against a larger, slower boat.
Harpoons come in handy for latching on to other ships, as when using the Clipper to chase down high value targets for boarding ….
Twenty packs can be stored in the crates on deck, two cannoneers can man the cannons mounted left and right mid-ship, and a spotter can be posted on the bow telescope to monitor the area for incoming boats. These large, powerful ships pack heavy firepower, can take a beating, and provide a base for smaller, faster strike teams. On the flip side, they can laugh off all but the nastiest of sea creatures, and probably most solo small boats they come across.
No, the designs for this ship are a secret, carried separately in many small pieces, and it can only be built after all of them have been assembled.
While it has some common features like a front-mounted harpoon and storage crates, its real strength is the central compartment that can hold several large fish, along with two rear hooks to carry extra-large specimens. You first need to buy or acquire the plans and appropriate materials to build a drydock on open water. Accidents* are common and safety features are lacking in these high-speed wood and metal contraptions, but it’s hard to beat their style while also being able to transport two trade or resource packs in the storage compartment. As you travel through Nuia and Haranya, you’ll come across large registers in towns called Memory Tomes. A Hereafter Stone will be consumed if traveling within your continent, or a Refined Hereafter Stone if the travel is cross-continental, and a worldgate will be summoned in front of your character. Buy Memory Ink from a general merchant and bring it to the house whose location you wish to memorize. These tend to be routes that cut significant time off of ground travel, but may require waiting at the tower for the airship to arrive.
This can be bought at Mirage Isle for 250 x Gilda Stars.Once you have obtained the blueprints, you will need to collect the materials.
The servers rezzed a little later, and I got back in the groove with some fishing, some boating, and plenty of aqua-farming beneath my house in that stiltsville shantytown just outside of Austera. I hopscotched through a dozen different MMORPGs in the hopes of finding one that I can stick with long term. We made use of her huge trading ship, which allowed us to make sick bank in a short period of time. For more information, please visit 2P Archeage Game Hub or share your guides, ideas and comments in 2P Archeage forum. The two types of warship have distinctive appearances themed after the two continents’ heritage, though they can be piloted by members of either faction. The sightings report it is shaped much like the usual warship, but modified for increased speed and storage.
Once built, a drydock will last only three days, so be sure you can provide the rest of the boat-building materials in time!

Enemies can take over the steering of your boat, but ownership will remain yours; they cannot de-summon it to their inventory.
As a farm utility, it can be used to bulk-water planted crops with the sprayer on the front end.
Just coming close to one will record its location in a book provided to every character at creation. Light the fireplace and use the memorization option to add the house’s location to your teleport book!
You can jump on and off carriages at any time, and they also offer four bench seats that will help secure your character (and any pack cargo you might have) to the carriage.
Once on board, you can also jump off of an airship mid-route, but gliders are recommended; these machines fly high above the ground!
You simply can’t do it in other MMOs, which nowadays restrict themselves to repetitive combat and endless, pointless progression across the board. And by feature complete, I mean it possesses at least some of the functionality that Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies offered dozens of years ago on a fraction of today’s mega-budgets. I want player-directed economic gameplay, meaningful crafting, serious housing, and non-combat options for both progression and for fun. They will also be attacked by hostile NPCs – or hostile players – bent on disabling your means of escape!
Basic armor can be purchased from stables, but there are special sets that can be obtained as drops or during events. Two underwater breathing devices are provided, perhaps in case you drop something overboard. Bring resource packs to the drydock in the order required (based on type of ship you’re building) to progress construction. Perhaps more useful to some are the four storage crates that can carry trade or resource packs on the back of the cart. Interacting with a Memory Tome will set it as your recall point, which you can return to any time with your Recall ability.
You’ll see the name of the summoner and the destination zone above the worldgate as an overhead name. You can now return there at any time using Worldgates and Hereafter Stones just like other Memory Tome locations.
Carriage Stations at either end of the route offer a telescope that lets you view approaching carriages from a sizeable distance. You should also exercise caution while riding airships unattended; watch out for shady characters hoping to isolate a target or push unaware travelers over the railings! You might not value virtual world gameplay, and you may be perfectly happy with game XYZ, but game XYZ doesn’t have the gameplay variety that ArcheAge has.
Yesterday I took one of my boats to the middle of the ocean for a spot of deep-sea fishing. She crafted it herself after many weeks of satisfying gameplay that involved acquiring the building materials and then seeing it all come together to form an incredibly useful tool.
Once complete, the boat will be launched, and you will be able to summon and de-summon it from a deed in your inventory.
These allow a single player to drastically increase the efficiency of their land trade routes, though you may want to bring guards for more dangerous areas! Trion, Trion Worlds, and their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Trion Worlds, Inc. It probably also doesn’t have the exploits and the godawful cash shop that ArcheAge has, but we’ll save those rants for another column!

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