Location: San Francisco, CA Best Tender for a Classic I looked around and couldn't find any better place here to put this question, so here goes: What do people suggest as a tender for a classic style yacht?
These light early aluminum boats ,The Deluxe Runabout , and some others are very stylish , great tumblehome , and very inexpensive.
Location: maine A 14 ft or thereabouts dory, with an outboard well, oars, and sprit or lugsaill. Location: Minneapolis,MN, USA If you want classic, you can restore or commission something like this one, which is a tender to a vintage Monk. Originally Posted by BeauVrolyk What do people suggest as a tender for a classic style yacht?
Originally Posted by duluthboats If you want classic, you can restore or commission something like this one, which is a tender to a vintage Monk. I redrew it two feet longer for my nephew a few years ago, and there were no particular problems in the build. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Freda drew quite a crowd for the fastening of her "shutter plank" on Saturday at the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center.
One-hundred and twenty-five years after she was first launched on the shores of Belvedere Cove, the 32-ft gaff sloop Freda marked a momentous occasion on Saturday afternoon when she received her shutter plank.

Arques School graduate and Northbay Boatworks co-owner Anton Hottner sets a silicon bronze screw in the shutter plank. After the fastening of the plank, guests were treated to barbequed oysters and Anchor Steam beer — the latter courtesy of that brewery's founder and Spaulding Center client and supporter Fritz Maytag, who also donated the ceremonial whiskey which the crowd got to share in.
Dorland is a very experienced lifelong sailor, having done a lot of racing in his younger days — he won the SC27 Nationals three times. We're gearing up for an article on tips for this fall's group of first-time cruisers and we'd love to include ideas from experienced cruisers.
The stress of planning a complex gathering can easily give even the most experienced event planners angst, and perhaps even nightmares. But apparently our still-struggling economy isn't enough to discourage hundreds of sailors from persuing their dreams of cruising to the sunny latitudes of Mexico.
The most recent is Tom Kohrs and Cary Purvis' Island Packet 37 Dragon's Toy, based at Freeport, CA. The roughly eight-foot-long plank finished off the hull-planking phase of the decade-long restoration of the West Coast's oldest sailing yacht by the Arques School, the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center, the Master Mariners Benevolent Association, local preservationists and donors. If you've cruised for more than a year, send us the top 10 things you think everyone should know before they cast off the docklines — and please be brief. With more than two months remaining until the September 10 entry deadline, over 100 boats have now signed up — 102 to be exact.

From our perspective, that was hard to visualize when seeing the fully-planked hull at this point in its museum-quality restoration. As late as the night before they left the island, they couldn't decide whether to head for Grenada in the Southern Caribbean or Bermuda and the Northeast United States.
After doing a Ha-Ha and Sea of Cortez Sailing Week in '08, Greg sailed to Hawaii and then back to California doublehanded. Be sure to include your name(s), boat model and name, hailing port and where you've been cruising.
When the recession hit, we has such thoughts about our annual San Diego-to-Cabo rally, the Baja Ha-Ha. Greg opted for the Northeast, as he didn't feel comfortable leaving his boat in the Caribbean during hurricane season.
And if you don't have your own boat, but would like to crew, we encourage you to sign up with our online Crew List.

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