When three major electronics companies roll out new radar technologies in the space of a month, there’s something going on.
Austin Parker Lobster 42 is the make and model of this Power boat of 12,50m of length and 3,96m of beam. By contacting an advertiser, you're signing up to the website and therefore accept the legal conditions.
It is possibile to bid also on the complete lot (Lot 0) which includes all the lots present in auction.

For her size, the 42 has excellent use of indoor space, including this secondary saloon, where the boat’s entertainment system resides. Observations: the austin parker 42 sport is designed to meet the needs of those who like open boats and free-and-easy sailing in safety, with all the convenience of a cabin cruiser. It is not guaranteed the match between pictures, descriptions, quantities, every other details indicated in the lots sections pages and the real condition of the lots. For this reason lots viewing is strongly reccomended in order to verify the real condtion of the goods.

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