Indonesian officials have been told Australian authorities are depositing asylum seekers into lifeboats and turning them away, and that an intercepted fishing boat was blown up. The second orange lifeboat to strand on Java’s southern coast this month arrived on Karangjambe Beach on Monday, with 26 asylum seekers.
The government is maintaining its secrecy around the use of the vessels, which have so far cost taxpayers $2.5 million, arguing information could give an advantage to people smugglers. The boats are intended to get asylum seekers safely back to Indonesia without sabotage, as part of the government’s policy to turn back the boats policy. But local police say this one arrived leaking, after running out of fuel and stranding on a rough coral beach.
The asylum seekers claim it took only around 2.5 hours for the lifeboat to run out of fuel and wash ashore. Australia has been forced to apologise to Indonesia for incursions into its territory during Operation Sovereign Borders. Receipts found at the scene of the stranding reveal some of the men travelled to Indonesia via Malaysia and stayed in Bali prior to making their way to Java.
They say they received just 10 million rupiah ($AU950) of 30 million ($AU2580) promised for getting the group to Australia. The group is temporarily being held at an immigration office in nearby Cilacap, which is usually used only for paperwork and lacks appropriate facilities. Police initially thought the orange lifeboat was looted of its television, navigation equipment, batteries and rope, but the items have since been handed in by locals. Operation Sovereign Borders commander Lieutenant General Angus Campbell on Tuesday wouldn’t say what, if any, arrangements were in place to retrieve the lifeboats once they land in Indonesia. Asylum seekers do not break any Australian laws simply by arriving on boats or without authorisation.
90% of these people, up until the LNP came into government, were deemed to be refugees by the previous governments. Figures from the Immigration Dept and FOI show that there are 13 times more illegal immigrants than there are asylum seekers in detention that have arrived by boat. How can people be so brainwashed by the use of inflammatory language that has NO basis in truth or fact. Echonetdaily is made possible by the support of all of our advertisers and is brought to you by this week's sponsor SAE. The online investigative unit of ABC News Australia has obtained information of severe overcrowding at the refugee detention facility on Christmas Island.
Almost half of the children currently held in immigration detention reached Australian shores without their parents.
A young applicant's prospects of being reunited with their parents is further limited by what is known as the 'time of decision rule'.

Readers of "Catch 22" may recall that whenever those World War Two pilots got near the required number of missions to be sent home, Colonel Cathcart simply increased the number of missions required for all pilots. The Immigration Department does not classify the parent of someone over 18 as 'a member of the immediate family' and therefore they are ineligible to apply under 'split-family' provisions. Springvale Monash Legal Service is part of a consortium which assists unaccompanied minors with visa applications. The Government intends to progressively move several hundred children and families into community-based accommodation - with the assistance of community organisations - by June 2011.
To date, the halfway point, the ABC reports that only 5% of the children in detention have been moved into community based accomodation. It would seem that Seena Akhliqi Sheikhdost and many other refugee children in detention face the "Catch 22" provisions of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and will be denied their rights contrary to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. While that provision was designed primarily for the application of criminal law, its application to wholly innocent and vulnerable children must increase its force.
The Prime Minister and Minister for Immigration meantime do not appear to be honouring their commitments. 2011-02-16 Open Letter to Australian Immigration Minister: Seena Akhliqi 8, sent back to Christmas Island. An eight year old orphaned child named Seena Akhliqi Sheikhdost who was present when his father was buried on Tuesday, in Australia, (his mother, Samir Aram's body was never found), is being sent back to detention on Christmas Island under your authority. This Iranian child has been traumatised from fleeing his homeland, then he watched both his parents die in front of him in the boat tragedy off Christmas Island recently, while nearly drowning himself. As a matter of compassion and cognisant of the UN Convention on Refugees 1951, and the human rights owed to this vulnerable, orphaned child, we, many citizens of Australia and of other nations, ask you to release him into the care of his existing family in Sydney. He is detained in the Construction camp on Christmas Island and is being cared for by his aunty Fatima.
Minister, this child slept alone in detention for more than six nights in Charlie compound after the tragedy, until some members of his extended family arrived. Other detained children have reported that Seena ran to the fence whenever new boat arrivals came to the camp in buses.
Minister your decision to return Seena to Christmas Island detention (of which the Human Rights Commissioner and Commonwealth Ombudsman have apparently remarked negatively) reminds us of the history of one of your predecessors, Philip Ruddock who repeatedly returned Shayan Badraie to his Villawood detention centre so many years ago. As you are aware, our legal system finally acted in the Supreme Court of NSW, and awarded a compensation payment of $400,000 to Shayan Badraie, also an Iranian boy, in 2006. Minister, how could such an eight year old boy and his carers ever be a threat or great burden to our nation?
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Australian builder Riviera said it has launched a recruitment drive to meet growing demand worldwide for its luxury motor yachts.

In a news release, the company said that it will add at least 30 new positions at its Coomera manufacturing facility. Chief Executive Officer Wes Moxey said Riviera is looking for skilled tradespeople in the disciplines of boatbuilding, composite marine electrical engineering fit-out, cabinet making, spray painting, refinishing, and plug and pattern making. According to Riviera Chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst, demand has increased globally across the five distinct Riviera model collections. Bill Nighy, Rhys Darby and Nick Frost arrive for the Australian premiere of `The Boat That Rocked' at the Crown Riverside on March 30, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.
Tell them to go through normal immigration channels like the rest of the 200,000 people who settle in Australia annually.have to do. Australian and international law make these allowances because it is not always safe or practicable for asylum seekers to obtain travel documents or travel through authorised channels. This means that if a young person turns 18 prior to their own protection visa being approved, or their family members' visas being approved, their right to reunite with their parents under the split-family provision is lost.
The practise of their obligations under the Convention on Rights of the Child are likewise, highly questionable.
His Aunty Fatima, one of those members, said she was on Christmas island for two days before she was told of the tragedy and reunited with Seena. He has other family in Sydney and we ask you again, to release him along with his current caregivers, on grounds of compassion and in the spirit of the Convention on Refugees. We believe strongly in the future of the Australian marine industry and we are leading our industry in nurturing Australia’s future master craftsmen and women,” he said. New models such as the 575 SUV, 57 Enclosed Flybridge and 52 Enclosed Flybridge designs are proving popular around the world,” he said. Refugees are, by definition, persons fleeing persecution and in most cases are being persecuted by their own government.
It is often too dangerous for refugees to apply for a passport or exit visa or approach an Australian Embassy for a visa, as such actions could put their lives, and the lives of their families, at risk. Prior to the funeral in Australia, he waited for his parents to turn up on every bus that arrived.
Refugees may also be forced to flee with little notice due to rapidly deteriorating situations and do not have time to apply for travel documents or arrange travel through authorised channels.
Permitting asylum seekers to entry a country without travel documents is similar to allowing ambulance drivers to exceed the speed limit in an emergency – the action would be ordinarily be considered illegal, but the circumstances warrant an exception.

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