For news on Veada, boat seat product updates, and information about special promotions, please enter your e-mail address below. Additional custom colors for Large Back to Back Boat Seats LD20014 with Storage and Legs available upon request. The Large Laydown Boat Seat with Storage surpasses expectations of standard lounge seats; it is the champion in lounge seating design! Replace your worn out jump seats with this accessory-packed Laydown Boat Seat with Storage. Hello,i am very happy with my new seat that i purchased from your company.everyone that i spoke with when asking questions was very helpful and that made this job go very smooth.the fact that i was able to order extra matching fabric for my captains seat and the arm rests made the interior turn out even that much nicer! Well i could have bought them right around the corner from my house about ten miles down the road, but when i looked at the product that the chain dealers had to offer, it was a major let down. The back to back boat seats arrived without problem and they are now in the boat, but have not had an opportunity to take advantage of trying them out yet.
It was a real pleasure working with steve, kathy, and the rest of your staff in meeting my needs.
Wise® Blast-OffTM Series High Back Folding Boat Seat for fantastic back support while you cruise across the water! If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Only suggestion, they may want to buff the edges of the aluminum arms where they pass each other.

Then i stumbled onto your website and found the dimensions and amenities built right in, i researched your products and made a choice. They do look fantastic larger than expected so now gives us a little less room inside the boat as these replaced two captains chairs, but the fact that we are able to now unfold the seats and use them as beds is a fair compromise as we do love to beach camp here at sunny lake mead. I was concerned that the color would be different from what i expected since it is hard to choose over the internet, but it matched perfectly.
All of my questions were answered thoroughly and we were able to match my existing boat seat colors with the vinyl samples that were sent to me in advance. I am a big man and you offered a longer, wider taller better built product than i ever expected.
You did forget to include the hardware for attaching the legs to the seats, however (in my case, 8 bolts and washers).
We are extremely pleased with the quality and color of the teal vinyl which matches our boat great, we did not want too much teal as the seats get very hot here as our summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees almost every day from middle of june until end of september, so the white is certainly needed.We do love the 'extra space' under the seats created by the side opening (one of the reasons we chose the veada boat seat) and we love the boat cushions as they hide a porta potty and a small refrigerator that we use for comfort at the rear of the boat.
We felt the boat seat quality and price were excellent and we would definitely order from your company again and recommend you to others. Kudos to your team for a well made product made right here in the usa - i couldn't be more pleased.Thank you.
One other fix that might be worth addressing is that when attaching the seats to the lay-flat hardware on the base, the hardware falls directly on top of one of the screw heads for the seat hinge.
Thank you again for wonderful quality boat seats, they are very comfortable and the extra width makes them more so.
Mix and match the Blast-OffTM Seats for your bass boat, fish and ski boat or even walleye boat!

This prevents the lay-flat hardware from attaching flush against the plywood on the bottom of the seat cushion.Not a big deal, but also easy to redesign your hardware to avoid this. At first I thought it was a mistake because I sat higher than I wanted but after the foam breaks in, the seat softens and you sink in where you should. We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses. I did have one, where the corner stitching was too aggressive and caused the material to fail. The boat seats i replaced with your lounge seats also had the capability to be extended in a couple of increments between full up and lay-flat. Keep in mind when only one person is on the seat it will cant back a little if you push back on the top part of the seat. This slight canting of the back I suspect is due to the design of the aluminum scissors which allow the seats to be in the lounge position if needed.
We also ordered a bunch of material from Veada to cover out side panels and make more cushions. Make sure you treat your interior with Aeorospace 303 spray to preserve them from staining and the sun. I know because it happened to me and fortunately the stain came out with Bleached Soft Scrub cleaner.

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