The Pelican Bass Raider 10E 10-ft bass boat is constructed with an impact-resistant RAM-X(tm) hull and deck and extra-large pontoons for improved stability and weight capacity. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. As most anglers and boat owners know, a boat cover is a smart, inexpensive way to protect your boat from the elements. Angled transom bass boat covers are designed to fit boats from popular manufacturers like Glasstream, Skeeter, and Cajun. Jon style bass boat covers provide coverage for a flared front bow and folded or low profile fishing seats. A boat cover is necessary if you want to protect your huge investment, they are very helpful to increase the lifespan of a boat.
ZOOM CENTIPEDEI believe this bait is the best of its type whether it’s called a French fry or centipede. Texas Annual Public Hunting PermitThis is a great source for those who want to hunt in Texas but can not afford a year round or a day lease.

Rain, hail, mildew, dirt, road grime, falling debris and UV rays can all wreak havoc on a boat.
They are available in Performance Polyguard or Sharkskin fabric and in semi-custom fits up to 19 feet long and 92 inches wide. Semi-custom sizes range up to 22 feet in length and 96 inches in width with fabric options of Performance Polyguard and Sharkskin. This plastic bait is the standard to witch all others of this type should strive for, it is consistent in color, softness, texture and quality from one package to the next. It's also set-up with a lure compartments, vertical rod holders, drink holders, and carrying handles. Not only will a bass boat cover keep your new vessel looking great, it will improve the resale value should you decide to upgrade in the future. Performance Polyguard, they come in semi-custom fits up to 21 feet long and 96 inches wide. It’s chock full off helpful information on how to measure your boat to make sure your cover will fit properly.

Still, you need to make one more small investment to protect that big investment… a boat cover. Fished fast or slow  depending on time of year and weather it produces bass when spinner baits, crank baits, other worm and lizard type baits fail. I like to fish it shallow or deep, off points, road beds, out side or inside weed lines, in timber and just about any place.
As it becomes available, here you'll find information on 1,135,245 acres of public hunting lands contained within 78 units in 66 counties and a Supplement that lists approximately 140 additional areas offering dove and other small game hunting opportunities. Access is provided by either of two types of annual permits: the Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit which allows full privileges including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other non-consumptive uses and the Limited Public Use (LPU) Permit which also provides access for non-consumptive uses.

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