My dad is a confirmed stinkpotter; he'll want to go somewhat faster than SCAMPs hull speed.
Draw up something like that and build it with a double floor, you'll have something safe and easy that can be built stitch & clue. The Rifleman looks intriguing -- a little smaller, amidships (in both directions) steering, simple hull lines. Probably lots of good designs in this category; the challenge will be narrowing things down to make a selection. If you want a quick to build, stable, tough little workboat, then just build Old Wharf's Lumberyard Skiff.
She's not the world's most elegant boat, but she's sharp to my eye, meets your build and stability criteria, and is a well-loved design for a lot of years on the east coast.
Those of you who might know (and anyone else who cares to speculate) -- would a 15 hp four-stroke on the back of a 16' Old Wharf be sufficient? She is built skiff style by bending the sides around the frames ant fastening the bottom to a pre-attached chine. The Jimmy Skiff is light enough to be cartopped or hoisted onto the deck of a larger cruising boat. Under sail, the Jimmy Skiff exhibits perfect balance and impeccable sailing manners in light or fresh breezes.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. There are people on the forum who are generous with their time and expertise if you run into any trouble.
Mine's a tank, needs only 25hp, hauls surprisingly large loads well, and as long as you're not in a hurry, does really well in a chop. Boat's been flawless, but the first motor was junk (since replaced with an older, and less used one). This cost includes a high level of outfit and finish you can be proud of after putting the effort into building this fine boat. Having sailed a Culler Good Little Skiff for almost 20 years, he wanted a slightly larger version with more freeboard and better sailing characteristics.
Plans include a materials list, panel dimensions, construction drawings, and a new sail plan. They were used for crabbing, fishing, transporting goods, and enjoying summer evenings with a friend.
With 90% of all flat-bottomed skiffs designed for outboard motors, we may be in danger of forgetting what a pleasure it is to spend an afternoon in a handsome, easily-driven rowing skiff, a boat that glides effortlessly with each stroke without dragging its transom.
And even though she weighs less than 100lbs in rowing trim, there’s enough room and capacity for three adults or a family of four.

The "leg-o-mutton" sail is quick to set up and strike, with only the simplest controls, making the Jimmy Skiff a perfect boat for beginning sailors. Add the optional sailing rig kit, and you’ll have the components for the mast, boom, daggerboard, trunk, and kick-up rudder. She's hauled over 1000lbs before, and still got on a plane with 25hp and an ugly looking prop.
He still wanted to be able to row on the evenings when the wind had calmed and the sunset beckoned.
The traditional sprit boom means that the crew will never get whacked in the head during a surprise jibe. The sailing rig can be retrofitted to the rowing kit at any point, even long after completion.We called our skiff "jimmy," Chesapeake slang for a male blue crab, because the Jimmy Skiff design is derived from rowing and sailing skiffs once common on the Chesapeake Bay. Construction is plywood and epoxy with just enough traditional details to make the project rewarding when finished. The Bay Skiff 12 is stable and will carry an adult and two children or two adults and a picnic lunch for an afternoon or evening on the water.

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